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For several years, I worked in in student and college ministry. During that time, I wrote a couple of small curriculum(ish) pieces for teen girls. If you read paperdoll, I hope it encouraged you to dream big, do good, geek out, love passionately, and live intentionally. (And in case nobody's reminded you of your fabulousness lately, allow me: never, never, never give up. You're here for a reason. You have an incredible story to live out.)

p a p e r d o l l 
(Regal Books 2009, Age: High School +)

"... I no longer imagined my scars as ugly, like I was a monster pieced and stitched together. Suddenly, they were curling and blooming onto a canvas - thorns at first, and then roses. They were a winding staircase into a secret tower. Instead of being long brands and labels, they curved and became the perfect papery imprint on a butterfly's wing. And when those wings hit the sunlight, they looked like a painting. Suddenly they were beautiful." (from Paperdoll, p.70) (You can also find paperdoll on goodreads)

R E V I E W S 

"I told Natalie I was unwilling to endorse a predictable, cliche, quippy treatment of the young adult journey. I am so pleased to report that Paperdoll is none of those things. It is lovely, surprising, artsy and a little quirky, and every young woman should read it. It is a needed manifesto for the next generation who prefers a three-dimensional life to a paper image. Jen Hatmaker, Speaker and Author of 7Ms. Understood and The Modern Girls Bible Study series

"Natalie's elegance, truthfulness, and humor will blow you away and hold you captive as you read this enticing and frighteningly relatable book! She reaches out to every woman and girl who find themselves with a plastic grin stuck on their face covering their vulnerability, longing, and insecurity. This book proved to be a must-have book for every woman, and also proved to be an all time favorite of mine." Abigail Mason, Actor,  Saving Sarah Cain

"It's really hard for me to write this, to put into words exactly how much this book has changed the way I look at things. Natalie is so honest and real, and this book reads like a conversation with an older sister. It's genuine; it comes straight from her heart. For me, this book comes down to love. It comes down to how big God's crazy, mind boggling love is. It comes down to how God wants us to know that love, and wants us to live like we are loved." Katie Bennett, Student, Photographer, Writer, Blogger, and Fernweh contributor

"I had heard the story of the women at the well more than a dozen times. With going to a Christian school, you get tired of the same old stories. You forget the power that they have when told well. Natalie did this. The story captivated me. It revolutionized the way I thought about the story of the woman at the well. I think you should read this book, then read it again. It will change you, your perspective, and the way you look at love." - Ali Beeson, Student, Visual Artist, Kindred-Oreo-Spirit

"Paperdoll is a timely word for the feminine soul in our appearance-obsessed world."
Bethany Dillon, Sparrow Recording Artist

"Natalie has a captivating way of sharing hopes and desires in a way that makes us realize it’s okay to dream big, because God has incredible things in store for us." - Ashley Hughes, Student at the University of Mobile

"Simply put, I adored this book. Paperdoll shares great insights into having God-confidence and living victoriously against the backdrop of the story of the woman at the well. Reading more like a coffee time conversation and less like a book, you will find yourself an instant friend with the author. Every chapter provided an A-Ha! moment and tons of things to highlight." - Jenny B. Jones, Christy Award Winning Author of There You’ll Find Me, A Charmed Life series, and the Katie Parker Production series

"Paperdoll makes me want to be the best I can be. It makes me want to pick up my Bible again and get lost in a good worship song. It makes me want to walk with my head up and start living my life the way God intended for me to instead of standing on the sidelines, bogged down with insecurity, waiting for “someday.” Finally, here is a last bit of encouragement from Natalie’s book: 'Look people in the eye when you talk to them. Move into your life with courage, not fear. Start living like a girl who is loved. Don’t waste any more time.'" - Kristin Herndon, Blogger at Sew Technicolor 

"Natalie knows what it is like to live in a paper world. Through excellent exegesis of scripture, she unpacks biblical stories and reveals their relevance to our everyday lives and shows us how to transform ordinary into extraordinary. This is a must-read and an essential addition to your library." - Susie Shellenberger, founder of Brio Magazine, editor of Sisterhood Magazine


For several years, I wrote a monthly column called His Time for Sisterhood Magazine (formerly Susie Magazine). For many years before that, I wrote a monthly column for Brio Magazine called In Step. His Time articles are the same: candid thoughts about meandering through the messy-wonder of believing. My last article will appear in the magazine in the March/April 2014 edition, but some of my old articles can still be found in the online version. (Pictured is a recent issue of Sisterhood, with the lovely and inspiring Gabrielle Douglas on the cover.)