Sunday, August 2, 2009

an abundance of natalies.

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Happy Sunday! :)

Only a few things up for discussion today:

First, I am trying to read the memoir Julie & Julia* in a week. Mom and I are going to see the movie next weekend. I've wanted to read the book for awhile, but I kept waiting. Now seems as good a time as any to start :). I'm a very selective memoir reader. Sometimes memoirs get so angsty and I can only handle so much angst (particularly when there's no real catalyst for it). But this one appeals to me because it has a good message. Julia's famous motto was: Don't be afraid. And I think that serves well for anybody working in the arts. She started her career a little bit later than some, and was laughed at by professionals in her field. I don't know if she ever considered quitting, but I'm sure there was ample opportunity for it. And yet. She chose to pursue something she loved, and keep her mind and imagination open. She learned to roll with criticism and not crumble under it. And she did awesome things.

Have you read Julie & Julia? Planning on seeing the movie? It's sort of odd that I even want to watch the movie. It's no secret I 1.) hate to cook but 2.) watch the Food Network pretty often. It's like a grown up magic show**. Ina Gartan is my favorite. I also like the show Real Food Network Star and I'm pulling for Jeffrey to win tonight. My ode to Jeffry: Sing me a song, you're the Scallop Man!

Second, have you ever been mistaken for someone else? The only other person I usually get mistaken for is my sister (which is a big compliment! She's way prettier.). Back before Lindsey Lohan was super-skinny (think Mean Girls era) a few people told me I looked like her. (I think it's just the fair skin/freckles combo.) That celebrity look alike site always tells me I look like Billie Piper and an Asian guy. My mom thinks I look like Julianne Moore but, sadly, I don't look enough like her to be mistaken for her. I've only seen one girl in a movie who I think looks like me. The Ghost of Christmas Past from The Muppet Christmas Carol***:

Ghostly doppelgangers aside, I feel like I probably should address mistaken identity issues when it comes to my books. The question has come up a few times now, in a few different variations. And I do what I can to dispel rumors. Or make them if I'm bored. Whatever. ;)

If you've ever searched for my books via my name on any online book retailer, you might have noticed there is another Natalie Lloyd. Maybe even a third, I don't know. I think this is awesome; way to bring cred to the name, ya know? And I think you would probably look at the title of her book (or books) and figure out she is not me real quick. Her books sound to smart to be mine. :) However, sometimes sites like Goodreads and Shelfari put them under my name (or put my books under her name ...). Sometimes in emails I get (love your emails!), people tell me they've read all of my "books". I have written two books now, so the plural form is legit. But I still thought I should clarify just in case I'm getting some undue credit:

1. I have never written, nor will I ever write, books about communism, environmentalism, or El Chupacabra. I don't think you're confusing me with those authors though. Which leads me to ...

2. I've only written two books total. My first book was a 30-day devotional called Want More?Life and it was basically written on assignment. It is quite different from Paperdoll: different vibe, shorter length, more episodic, with lots of journal space. It has a slight curriculum vibe to it. Life was the first book in a line of three Brio devotionals. The other two were written by different authors. They others are great reads, if you're in need of a good girl's devo.**** The pink book, Life, is the only book in the series that is mine:

I still think the cover is adorable. And Life is like the little pink engine that could. A few months ago, I learned the book is currently in printing #4. Woo! So if you've read it, Thank You so much!! :) (Granted, these are not massive printings :) And it occurs to me this might not be a big deal for most authors who are, um, more widely read :) ... but it's a huge deal for me. I still can't believe people besides my family and two bff's want to read anything I write.) I still take a picture when I see it on a shelf. Because I'm a moron.

So Paperdoll and Want More? Life are my only books, even though there are a couple of Natalie Lloyd's out there. I don't really know how to remedy this. I guess I could do a pen name for future books, but I've never wanted that. Or I could toss my middle initial in there but that might make things more confusing. I bet I'm shorter than the other Natalies. And I'm positive I have the coolest blog readers on the planet. Beyond that, you'll have to put your Nancy Drew skills to work until I change my name. ;)

Finally: Chase wants me to tell you the band who sings "Wake Up" is Arcade Fire not Arcadia Fire, as I previously reported.

Have a great week!

* I realize the going publisher-speak is to capitalize book titles when putting them on a blog. But I feel like I'm yelling at you when I do that. Is it okay if I italicize or would you rather I conform?
** Until she smooshes meat or de-veins a shrimp. In both instances, I turn away and start to flail wildly.
*** Incidentally, I made famous the role of The Ghost of Christmas Past in my High School production of A Christmas Carol. But that is a story for another time ...
**** Allow me a moment to brag on them. Kathy, who wrote the purple Love book, used to write for Adventures in Odyssey. I think it's easy, when writing about Love, to go all sparkles cliche. She never does that. The book feels very original. Jan, who wrote the yellow Joy book, shares incredible stories about how she's adapted to living life partially blind. She never goes down a woe-is-me road, nor does she take the Pollyanna approach. Joy isn't just an emotion, which was the strongest lesson I learned from the book. They're both fabulous writers.


  1. Natalie (you, not the others), the similarities between you and the Ghost of Christmas Past is uncanny! How has the world missed this? ;)
    Okay, I feel like a total dorkus because I ALWAYS see Want More? Life and I've never known it was your book.
    I haven't read Julie and Julia but after doing some super intense CIA stuff a couple of days ago, I found out that the author (Julie Powell) still has a blog. It's I'm easily impressed but I was really happy I found it. Most pre-fame bloggers don't keep up blogging post-fame (and especially so many years after) so I was amazed and excited that she still blogs.

  2. Sarah, I am going to her blog pronto! I think that's one of the coolest book ideas ever. Sadly, I did not make it to the library before it closed. So now I'm going to have to read the book in four days... :) That's cool that she still blogs. I saw an interview she did with Barnes and Noble and she seems like such a cool, confident person. (And obviously I'm easily impressed ... you will note I put a porta-potty on one of these blog posts ... :)

  3. Whenever I use that celebrity look-alike thing, the closest matches are always Asian women I've never heard of. In fact, out of the 9 results it gave me, 6 of them were Asian. I should mention that I'm not Asian in any way, shape, or form, nor do I look it, but the computer doesn't lie...right?

    Since I've yet to be mistaken for a celebrity (or anyone else, for that matter), I'll just be content with the idea that I am way too cool and unique to be replicated. ;)

  4. Ellie, maybe Asian guys and Asian girls are their go-to for people who don't look like anybody famous :) You are definitely too cool to be replicated.

  5. Hi Natalie! I love your blog! I'm a more recent convert having read your interview on JBJ's blog a few weeks ago (or was it months?) and I haven't stopped checking in since.

    I just wanted to say that, judging by your pic in your "About Me" section, you totally remind me of the red-headed teacher, Emma, (Jayma Mays) from the new show "Glee" (which looks like it will be the best show on TV this fall...). And she's really cute! So take heart--the Ghost of Christmas Past isn't your only tie to look-alike fame! ;)

    And the HP pic makes me laugh, too.

  6. Carra, I'm so glad you're a regular reader! :) Thanks for this sweet comment too. Jayma is super pretty! I thought Glee was fantastic. I'm really going to be giving iTunes a workout if all the songs are as good as the ones in the pilot. (I dork out over musicals all the time anyway ;) Thanks for stopping by :)