Thursday, April 1, 2010

prize eggs (and paperdoll).

Listening To: Hosanna by Brooke Fraser
I watched Models of the Runway (for the first time). Dear Jonothan, that jerky move toward your model almost cost you my vote! I would switch to Maya but I'm pretty sure she's leaving this week on her own accord. *sigh* Now I'm torn.

Hey y'all :) I'm doing (possibly) the shortest post in the history of this blog to let you know that Jessina, and the lovely ladies of Bloom Magazine, are giving away a copy of Paperdoll this week. All you have to do is leave a comment about how your family celebrates Easter. If you already have the book, point your friends in that direction. Click here if you want to get your name in the mix.

I can't think of a specific tradition my fam has on Easter. Isn't that bizarre? Christmas is jam packed with traditions, some of which are completely absurd in a good way (like honking at houses with lots of lights). But Easter is more mellow. We're all together, which is the best part anyway. We hang out. We go to church. When I was a kid, we had Easter egg hunts.

A few years ago, I was chatting with some folks about Easter egg hunts. This girl asked if we had a prize egg when we were kids, and I said yes. She said her dad used to put $100 in their prize egg.

I said, "... there was something in your prize egg?!"

The "prize egg" was hypothetical in my house. Like, we decided the purple plastic egg was the "prize egg." The prize was just the satisfaction of knowing you'd won. One hundred dollars?! It would have been a brawl. I don't even recall my parents sticking chocolate in the prize egg. (Although they did give us baskets laden with candy - which was fabulous).

Anyway. I would love to hear your Easter traditions too, if you feel like sharing twice :)

I'm hoping to post a story on Friday that's a bit more serious (a bit ... it involves cowboys) and coincides with Easter. But just in case I'm not able to finish, I hope your weekend is lovely. I may not have any ongoing traditions, but it's still a weekend that means the world to me. It makes me sad and hopeful and introspective. And it makes me very aware that everything around me is coming to life again.

(I snapped this photo in my backyard. From that angle, I think it looks totally storybook ;)


  1. that picture is totally gorgeous!!!

  2. I don't have any ongoing Easter traditions either. They change from year to year. Now, we all go to church together, eat dinner out the night before and then go to a family lunch with my family and Tucker's family. It's so much fun.

    That picture is beautiful. :)

    Oh and thank you for the compliment on my blog! :) Try the Vanilla Mocha. It will change your life. I get one all the time now.

  3. Okay, I thought PB and I were the only person to make comments about things that look "Storybook". Glad to know we're not alone
    Little Fairy (glad you liked my picture idea!)

  4. That's a beautiful picture, Natalie!

  5. My family really doesn't have any special traditions either. Usually we eat a big meal at some point during the day, but other than that it is more of a hanging out/reflecting sort of day.

    Love the picture!

  6. thank you, natalie, for the sweet comment on my blog!!
    i think the song on my playlist is a different version of Bella's Lullaby.. but i like it better too!

  7. Thank you Mrs. Lloyd for your comment! I am very much tempted to print the image out as well. I look at my friends who think I'm nuts and say "Therapy is expensive, banging your head is cheap... you choose"


    Love your blog! I shall follow...

  8. I love your blog... thanks Little Fairy for getting me hooked on it.

    Easter... we have a hunt for our candy and then Mom makes something yummy for breakfast. After we eat we go to church, and then we come home and have a late lunch with family. And yes, it does look very storybook! :)

  9. Springtime always gives me hope. It just feels like anything is possible. Hope you had a nice Easter!

  10. Thank you Ashley!

    Steffanie, I'm eagerly anticipating my vanilla mocha experience. I think I'm going to utilize that as a treat for myself if I work out this week (which seems totally backwards but it might work ...) :) Hope your Easter was great!

    Thanks Rachel!

    Jennifer, this is a perfect weekend for reflecting. I think that's the best way to spend a holiday. Sometimes Christmas gets so packed and wacky I forget to enjoy the hanging out/reflecting part.

    You're so welcome Ms. M! :)

    Welcome to the blog Ivorydancer! :Your friends will soon discover all writers are insane. ;) (BTW - you can call me Natalie!)

    Katie, your Easter sounds so sweet. My mom used to make big breakfasts too and they rocked. I wish I inherited her cooking gene ... but clearly I'm just not there yet :) So glad you like the blog! I hope you'll come back.

    Lisa and Laura, hope your Easter was wonderful too. I'm still fangirling over your NYC vlog! :)

  11. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog Natalie--I saw that and said at first "Oh cool, someone from bloom read my blog", and then "OH MY GOODNESS SHE WROTE THE BOOK!!!" haha :).

    I love your blog and can't wait to read more! Thanks for your ministry!!

  12. Oh my goodness that is so beautiful! It does loook like a story book!

    And thank you SO MUCH for the comment on my blog =] I spazzed out when I read it because I talk about you to my mom ALL THE TIME because I wanna be a writer/author like you and so when I told my mom that you commented on my blog she alomst spazzed out too! LOL =] Once what I'm trying to say is thank you =]

  13. You are welcome, Michelle! I'm so glad you like the blog :) Make yourself at home.

    Haylie, you are so welcome and thank you for this sweet compliment that made my week. And most likely my year ;)

  14. Thanx Natalie! I was so *honored* to have a comment FROM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!