Monday, November 29, 2010

the renegade turkey (and a paperdoll).

Listening To: Bonfires by Rosie and Me

(This is the sunset Biscuit and I took in when we walked by the lake. Just after I tried to convince her not to drink the gross algae-water. Just before two kids offered to give me their bag of M&M's in exchange for my dog. It's a dangerous place, the lake. )
So the post I have planned for later this week is a musical number. No need to run away screaming! I won't technically be "singing." I'll just be revamping an old, favorite Christmas song into something more timely, more elegant. Do you detect sarcasm in that statement? You should ;)

Tonight, I wanted to fire up the blog to share two important things with you:

Thing the First: A Paperdoll Giveaway
If you don't have a copy of Paperdoll yet, or if you were hoping to give it to a friend for Christmas (but can't find it/can't find $10 worth of change in your floor, etc), I have some exciting news. Emily Cummins wrote an incredibly kind review of Paperdoll over on her blog. And she's giving a copy away. Note: I promise I didn't pay her to say all those nice things. (*cough* check's in the mail, Emily *cough*).

I got to know Emily via Brio a few years ago. I'm so glad she blogs because I love to read about the way she sees the world. She has a knack for finding the good in a situation. Seeing
Paperdoll on a blog full of so much fun, positive writing makes me smiley.

All you have to do to win a copy is click through to her blog and leave a comment.

If you miss out on Emily's giveaway, no worries! I'm doing a giveaway here on the blog soon that I affectionately call ... "I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas." It was a fun idea that ... has mostly spun out of control. But I think you'll still enjoy it :)

Thing the Second: The Tale of the Renegade Turkey
I was sick on Thanksgiving Day. I ate toast on Thanksgiving Day.

I don't want to discuss this.

Mom, The Rogue Accountant, and Erin all went out for a fun Thanksgiving drive. And during this drive? A wonderful bloggy moment occurred ... so wonderful that you would probably think I made it up ... if I didn't have pictures.

While driving down a random backroad in Middle-of-Nowhere, Georgia ... a turkey ran out into the middle of the road and stood in front of the car. Picture it like two outlaws facing off in the wild wild west. Picture tumbleweeds and stuff. That turkey was staring the car down.

The Rogue Accountant, who was driving, slowed down. Turkeys can be vicious and what not. (For real, that bird is huge!)

The turkey began circling the car frantically, looking for a way inside.

After much laughter, my brother finally hit the gas. But the turkey, that brave, fearless turkey, actually ran alongside the car ...

The whole escapade reminded me of the scene in Goonies where Chunk escapes the Fratelli house and runs out from the woods screaming, "Stop! I'm just a kid!" The car stops and a very ominous figure shrouded in shadows says, "What seems to be the trouble?" And Chunk says something like, "Sir, my friends have been captured by these disgusting people - maybe you've heard of them - the Fratellis?"

And the light switches on and BAM! it's a Fratelli - the one that sings! And Chunk gets tossed in the trunk with the stiff.
Where was I?

Renegade Turkey!

The Renegade Turkey delights me. How often does a turkey run out in front of your car on Thanksgiving!? That is courage. That is tenacity. Some turkeys might give up this time of year, succumb to their Butterball fate. But not the renegade turkey. That's a brave bird you see in that picture. That bird deserves some serious props. I think he was hoping for a ride to a nearby town. A town full of vegetarians. He didn't get a ride from my family (my family and their cold, cold hearts). They didn't let the bird inside. S'okay, fam. He'll keep running.

Rock on, renegade turkey.

This song I'm listening to, "Bonfires," is such a fun song, yes? It's an indie-movie song. Or maybe the song you want in the background of your indie-movie-moment. I think the video is positively adorable. Have you seen it? I'll post just in case you haven't, so that you can enjoy it too. You might need to dance around the first time you hear it (something about the music in this particular song always gets Biscuit in a tail-wagging, prancing sort of mood). (Biscuit has good taste in music.)

Hope your week is off to a fab start. :) I would love to hear about the best part of your Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. That song makes me ridiculously happy.

    Speaking of Paperdoll, when I get your review (I'm really not sure what to call it, since you're the author and all) there's gonna be a nice big Paperdoll blog party. I looking forward to it :)

  2. Ooh that song does make you feel the need to twirl around in the sunshine :)! I loved your column in brio and was ridiculously excited to find your blog :) so I thought I'd pluck up courage to say hi and thanks for your writings/stories/thoughts :) they always inspire me :) I'm looking forward to reading my copy of Paperdoll:)! Hope you're feeling all better :)!

  3. Oh, how the story of the renegade turkey made me laugh. :) The pictures made it even better. That is one brave (and big) bird!

    That song is so cute! How on earth do you always manage to discover all of the great music that you share with us?


  4. Oh, the renegade turkey story is hilarious! You are a gifted storyteller, my friend! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  5. 1. That song is such a beautiful song! Definitely should go on some sort of happy playlist.

    2. "I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas"? i'm a pink girl so that sounds pretty fabulous! :)

    3. Your turkey story is too funny! Nothing as eventful happened over my Thanksgiving break!

  6. awesome turkey story, really awesome. I love that part in the goonies, it's such a 'speilburg shot'. I'm so sorry about your Thanksgiving. but at least you have great story to tell about a gryffindor turkey.