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I think this: is quite inspiring.

Hey there beauties (and beastlies)!

Did you have a good weekend? Did a weirdly-weird cold front blow through your hometown like it did mine? The coldness was surprising. I didn't realize The Cold was still raging when I got dressed on Sunday. Thus, I wore some uber-funky tights to church. "Stockings" would probably be the correct term. Except, to me, "stockings" are the things you dangle about the mantle at Christmas; the decorum Santa fills with two pieces of candy and six obligatory pieces of fruit.

Mine are not Christmas stockings. They are
slightly more fishnetty in appearance.I like to break out my fishnets for Sunday service. I'm feisty that way.

Except. While those things are darn cute, the hole-y nature (not to be confused with "holy") (zing!) makes them quite, quite shiver inducing. If I'd realized winter had returned, I would have worn pants. This is an area where I'm strangely girly though - I kinda like getting gussied up for church. (Do people say "gussied up" outside the South? In case the answer is no, gussied up = kinda dressy) (Here's another example of the word used in a sentence: "Why you gettin' so gussied up just to go to Wal-Mart?")

I like going dressy on Sunday. I do jeans too sometimes too (because I adore jeans), but I like to bust out the heels. Sadly, busting out the heels is also conducive to an event I affectionately refer to as "busting-face" so I don't wear them often. Thankfully, my parents go to the same church I do. I latch onto my dad's arm all the way in and out of the building. Heels + parking lots = bad.

So do flats + parking lots, though. Gravity and I are forever at odds.

One such event happened back when I worked in student ministry. We were at our big, yearly event in Gatlinburg. The event ended late and so, due to the lateness and junkfood consumption, we were all a little bit wacky as we walked back to the bus. My cousin, Michelle (she totally started it) and I started doing a Sally O'Mally impression in the parking lot. You know Sally O'Mally? From SNL? ("I like to KICK! And

While pretending to be Sally O'Mally, I KICKED .... and I

Hard. On my rear. On the pavement.

Actually, I tried to save my fall with my hand but ended up collapsing onto myself and spraining my wrist. I had to play UNO with one bad wrist that night. Took some effort. Fortunately, working in student ministry for any length of time makes you an UNO expert. (Though I still don't like the game. I can't get into card games.)

... how did I start talking about UNO?
Hope your weekend was rad, is all I really wanted to say ;)

I've got one more post coming this week, a more for-serious one, but today I'm hoping to get a discussion started with my fellow booknerds.

Necessary Backstory: I received an email the other day asking how Biscuit was doing and if she'd had anymore spy adventures. When I told Biscuit you were asking about her, she totally wiggled her tail and smiled. As for how she is doing, the answer is:


Here's Biscuit jumping at the camera approximately two seconds after that picture was taken:

Also love the way she's sitting here, with The Rogue Accountant:

I think Biscuit looks like a little queen. Like she's about to say, very nonchalantly, "You may hold me. If you wish."

I'll post some of her spy-adventures soon. The short answer to her adventure-having is:
Yes. Absolutely. Boots is always up to no good and Biscuit is always on guard. The neighborhood would be lost without her. But even spy-dogs need a chance to unwind. Much like her owner, Biscuit likes to unwind by reading Harry Potter:

She's making her way through Azkaban now.

She's really into it. I don't blame her. Azkaban is the one that hooked me. I loved the others, but Azkaban made me obsessed. (Do you have a favorite Potter book? Or do you love them all the same?) I've actually recommended people start with Azkaban (friends who couldn't quite make it through the first two) and they became obsessed too. So if you've tried and couldn't wrangle with Harry & Co. ... go Azkaban.

Except not literally. Cause Azkaban is

Mostly, I like
The Prisoner of Azkaban because I'm into the prisoner. Summary: I think the movie-version of Sirius Black is quite handsome. He wears dark colors and he's all wounded and tortured and brave and he has tattoos on his chest. Mercy.

Where was I?

Biscuit digs the books. She's also taken to sitting in front of the fireplace. Staring at the fire.

(Photo courtesy of my beloved non-Texans Jill and Kaylene!)

I believe she's waiting to see if Sirius Black says hey, like he does to Harry, via the fireplace, in the books. Sirius is her favorite character. Biscuit thinks she and Sirius would be great friends. They could hang out together. Share treats. Chase the nefarious Boots. Wouldn't it rock to be an Animagus? So you could hang out with your dog?

Biscuit stared at the fire most every night this winter. Waiting for Sirius to say, "Hey, Friend!" (Because that's totally what Sirius Black would say.)

Reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to fall asleep in my closet, convinced I would wake up in Narnia.
So here's my question for you lovely booknerds: if you could hang out with one character from a novel, who would it be? Maybe this character isn't even your favorite, but it is the character you find most compelling. Perhaps it's the unsavory character. Villains are, after all, sometimes more interesting than the humble-protags :) Perhaps you want to share a Happy Meal with Voldemort. Knit some socks with Madame DeFarge. *shivers* Line dance with the Volturi. I won't judge you.

(But if Voldemort plants a horcrux in your Hot Wheels, don't say I didn't warn you!)

I'm excited to hear your answer in the comments! So is Biscuit. See you later this week!

(PS - Have we gushed over this poster? We should. First, it made me shiver. Also, it made me a little bit sad. Then, I squealed.)


  1. I also have problems with flats and parking lots (and basically any other walking surfaces). I've realized lately that my cheap Payless flats have no grip on the bottom. :)

    "Azkaban" used to be my favorite HP book, and it was for a long time. But now, if I had to pick a favorite, I would probably say "Deathly Hallows." Just because it's so huge with all of these amazing parts, and all the loose ends get tied up. It's just the perfect finale.

    I don't know which character I would choose to hang out with! Maybe Lucy, from the Chronicles of Narnia? She was always the one who had no trouble believing in and trusting Aslan. And who just seemed to fit into Narnia perfectly. There's probably several more than I can't think of at the moment. :)


  2. Azkaban is my favorite too! I love the characters of Sirius and Lupin and was so sad when (you know!) So so terrible-I don't think I've really forgiven Ms. Rowling for that! But I was hooked when the twist with Sirius happened-is he good or bad? LOVED that!

    I would want to hang out with Anne Shirley I think because I want to visit Avonlea. (And OK, maybe steal Gilbert from her!)

  3. You seriously crack me up. :) When I read "Share a Happy Meal with Voldemort", I laughed out loud. Made my day.

    I think Azkaban was my favorite as well. It was so action packed and scary. I read it in like two days. Now though, Book 6 and 7 are my faves.

    Speaking of HP...
    I will have to post a picture soon about an incredible room at OU. They have this enormous room called the Great Reading Room, which is on the second story of the library;(which is by far, the best library I've ever been to. It's huge, gothic-style, and they have cozy reading rooms everywhere.) The GRR is said to be the quietest place in Norman, OK, and for serious, after being in there, I concur. It's QUIET. And the best part is, it looks like Hogwarts. When I walked in I felt like Hermione and Ron were going to walk in the door after me. I love it. :)

    I think out of anyone that I would like to hang out with, it would have to be.... Harry. Of all of the books from my childhood, Harry was my longtime favorite friend. It wouldn't feel right to hang out with anyone else. :) He gets into some awesome adventures as well, and I would love to ride a broomstick.

  4. i still tear up when i see that poster. did you know they released a picture of part two right after harry beats voldemort?! what! why don't you just put the kiss in the trailers and leave us nothing to get excited about. naturally i didn't look. azkaban is totally the best HP book-and movie.
    if i could chill with any character i'd pick rudy steiner from the book thief because he's just too plan awesome. also, i'm starting something on the inkwell that all are welcome to check out, it'll be introduced next month it's called 'book character of the month' and i'll pick a character for all who want to, to blog about that month along with me. i'm hoping a lot of people will give it a shot. so keep stopping by the inkwell to check if it's up yet and please leave a comment if you blogged! please participate natalie...april's character is...primrose everdeen!

  5. Haha!!! I love getting all gussed up for church!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! A storn TOTALLY just hit us.. like while I am writing this post! Welcome to Florida, honey. Oh snap we just got a tornado warning haha I better type fast....

    Harry Potter rocks!!!! I have alwys loved Sirius (and Gary Oldman!) but my favorite was actually Snape.. I always thought he was a good guy ;) I also love Tonks and Fred and George ;) hehe!!! My favorite book was the 6th one and my favorite movie was the 3rd ;) so far....

    Oh wow this storn is bad.. I might just have to stay home and watch the Duke boys instead of going ot YG tonight... wait.. Daddy's teaches Wednesday night... darn. Poor Bo and Luke ;(


  6. I've never read Harry Potter. :) I'm not allowed to. :/ Oh well...

    but if I can pick someone who isn't in HP. Then I'd totally pick Mr. Tumnus. :)


  7. Let's see, where do I even begin?! Ponyboy Curtis, Dally Winston, Draco Malfoy, (Sirius is definitely one of my's him and Ron), or Lupin, Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, and Edmund Pevensie of course, and Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon (I have Bethany to thank for that one). I must say, I absolutely adore your style...and your dog. :)

  8. Mr. Darcy? :) ahhhh
    then Ron from Harry Potter. because he's awesome. But Hermione is quite wonderful, too. I wish I could be her :)
    I also love Fred and George...but for non-Harry Potter people...I think I would meet Frances from Jenny B Jones' Katie Parker series. she's so funny!

  9. There's people in life that are so unique, they are like no one else in every single way. If an author is good, they can write a character that way, and they can seem real. That's why I like Todd (the Christy Miller series). He sleeps on a bed of sand because it reminds him of the beach. It's so creative! And I have to wonder if there are seriously guys like that who are "unique" in that sense to just do what no one else would think of- and they do have emotions so you feel for them (I'm sure there are but you know...) :)

  10. The schizophrenic twin in I Know Thi Much Is True (Lamb), Anne Elliot from Persuasion (Austen), Edward from Twilight out of pure curiosity (what did he see in Bella? how did he keep himself from killing her?), Jamie Fraser from Outlander, Owen Meany, Meg Murry (Wrinkle in Time)...that's a good start.

  11. Cute cute post.

    The first character that came to mind was Laura Ingles Wilder. Mostly because when I was a girl I always wished I could spend a day with her and show her all the cool new technology we have nowadays.

    10 year old me was just dying to see her reaction to something like a MICROWAVE! :]

    Looking forward to your next blog!

  12. Biscuit is too cute for her own good! Love the pics :)

    Hmmm, there are so many books and so many characters I wouldn't know where to begin. But the first thing that came to mind was Scarlett O'Hara. Just to hear her beautiful southern accent in person would make my day :) And maybe she'd let me try on one of her gorgeous dresses. Also, I love history so it'd be fun to spend time with someone from the past.

    There are so many characters I'd like to spend the day with...

  13. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I saw those covers the other day on the Black Apple blog, and they are too beautiful! The "Emma" one is my favorite, but I also really like "The Secret Garden" one.

    But I'm getting pretty disgusted with these gorgeous covers Penguin keeps putting out. :) They make me want to keep buying the same books repeatedly! I already have about 4 of the clothbound books on my Amazon wishlist, along with that Ruben Toledo copy of P&P.

    P.S. "Tangled" is amazing. :) It's been years since I've been impressed with Disney (that doesn't include Pixar), but this one is incredible!


  14. Book characters:

    Syd Carton from A Tale of Two Cities. Because he's a stud yet so vulnerable at the same time.

    Juli Baker from Flipped. Because she reminds me so much of myself. We could sit up in the Sycamore tree and talk for hours.

    Aslan or Peter from The Chronicles of Narnia. Because Aslan's a lion and who wouldn't want to hang out with and talk to a lion? And Peter because . . . well . . . he's Peter. He's brave and strong and protective and not to hard to look at either.

  15. Honey, why do you think I skydive/rockclimb? It's my way of telling gravity off. My mom used to call me Princess Grace because I couldn't seem to get the hang of where our doorjambs were located...and I lived in the same house for 15 years. :)

    Also, I love that you seem to have a balance of sweetness and fire that I admire and on my good days, totally relate to. And I don't know what it is about a boy (or a friend, really) with a little bit of darkness about them that is just. so. darn intriguing.

    Finally...I've been totally LOST in this book called Redeeming Love. It's based on the story of Hosea...and considerably less annoying than most of the Christian lit I've stomached. You will LOVE Sarah's character. It's long but it reads fast...I'm halfway through.


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  17. Such a tough question! I hesitate to pick only one! It's like that question of "If you could only choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?" SO HARD! I mean, should I go with nutrition, or what tastes best? The endless possibilities! Should I go with someone that I really admired, or rather someone I could actually enjoy getting a pedicure and a glass of wine with?

    Different characters have ministered to me at different times in my life, whether they were deep or funny, wise, or goofy.

    My first thought was Anne with an "e" from Green Gables. But then I thought that though she is adorable, her sanguine personality might drive me a bit batty.

    Then I thought of Samwise Gamgee because, hello, BEST FRIEND EVER. Talk about loyalty and not caring if your best friend gets all the credit, even though he would be nowhere without you! But although I admire the guy, I could never get a pedi with him. I would be too embarrassed about his hobbit feet.

    So I choose Christie Miller from The Christie Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn. I grew up reading this series, starting when I was about 13 and I'm just now realizing that it has literally been one of the most subtly influential series of books of my life. They are definitely aimed at preteen and teens, and if I were to read them for the first time now, I just may roll my eyes a little. But I adore them and they have a very special place in my heart and even in my history with the Lord. I sometimes have the thought of, "I wonder how Christie is? And Todd? And what's Katie up to these days?" All characters in those books! Then I remember that they're not real and I didn't actually hang out with them as a teen and college student.

    A booknerd to the core, I actually look forward to meeting new characters in the future. I love when a character trait or personality quirk sticks out and stays with me.

    And truthfully, I think there are little parts of a bunch of characters in me. When one hangs out with that many different characters over the years, I figure they've got to rub off on you at least a little.

    Great question!

  18. Those pictures of Biscuit are adorable!!!

  19. This is like, the most impossible question ever. I would say Edmund, because he messes up and he has to live with that and reconcile with his siblings, but that would be a non-truth. Really the reason I like Edmund so much (besides being an in-the-background, prodigal son type person) is the movies. Skandar Keynes kills me every time.

    I'd say Heathcliff. He always fascinated me. It's been years since I read it (which is actually kind of scary, considering that I just turned 16 and "years ago" would be 11-ish. What kind of a child was I?) and I don't remember much of the story, but his story always intrigued me.

    Wanna know something fun? I got the audiobook for Sense and Sensibility a few years ago. We recently downloaded it onto my eight year old sister's iPod. She loves it. My family are most certainly readers. :)

  20. Just read LF's comment...yes. Rudy is on my list too. I want to marry him someday.

  21. No, Rudy's mine. I've fought over a book character in cyberspace before, and won! :)