Thursday, December 8, 2011

question marks and messy middles.

Listening To: Shake it Out by Florence The Machine
Line Obsession: I'm keeping watch from my particular dark, with my question marks and anxieties and messy middles, praying for eyes to see what is the already, and faith to wait for the not yet." - Sara Zarr

I've stumbled upon an abundance of good readery (...?) this week and thought I'd pass the links along. If you're feeling bloggy, here's where to jump:

* Sara Zarr shares a gorgeous essay about Advent on Image. Sara's writing always undoes me a little bit. I adore her fiction but I also harbor a deep-down-hope that she'll write a collection of essays someday. Her non-fiction is wonderful. (Not all writers can transition between fiction and non-fiction so seamlessly.) My favorite quote: "I'm keeping watch from my particular dark, with my question marks and anxieties and messy middles, praying for eyes to see what is the already, and faith to wait for the not yet." 

* Lindsee posted some lovely thoughts over on Living Proof. She's writing about the Taylor Swift song "Fifteen." And she says there's much truth in this lyric: "When you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you ... you're gonna believe them." But she says the reverse is also true: "When you're fifteen ... and nobody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe it..." Fact: Never hearing "I love you" can break a girl's heart just as much, if not way more, than getting dumped. This is true for any girl, whether she's 15 or 95. Lindsee's post will encourage you regardless of the age-thang. If you work in student ministry (or hope to), I think her post is a must read. It's a great reminder to keep affirming the beauty of the women we know - reminding them that they're talented and cool and wanted and pretty-darn-wonderful. 

* The Nefarious Jenny B. Jones posted a great link about Edinburg's delightfully notorious (and anonymous) Phantom Sculptor. I'm pretty sure I've forwarded the story to everybody I know. Stories like this make the world seem so magical, don't they? That's what libraries do. (Pretty much every cool link comes from Jenny B. Jones. I'm not cool on my own.)

* Once is about to hit Broadway. Must. Get. To NYC. 

* Here's an essay (possibly an excerpt from a speech?) from my Writer Hero Kate DiCamillo. She writes about Wonderbread and marshmellow fluff and dancing and comfort. And how all of that is pretty much the reason she writes.  If you love to write too, you'll be so inspired. 

* I like everything about this song: 

* And I like these pictures:  

This next one is from dad's birthday dinner. The Rogue Accountant was trying to block the gigantic spotlight light shining above our table, because we're both so pale, and the light was coming at such an angle, that we seriously looked like The Phantoms of the Pizza Place.

And this last one ... is a picture of my secret shoes. You cannot mention the secret shoes to my friend Hannah. Because Hannah hates shoes like this and so I've never confessed to her that I own a pair. They're definitely ugly. But they're ugly in an adorable way, right? 


(... maybe don't answer the question.)

(PS: Hannah reads my blog. So she's totally going to find out about the secret shoes.)

Care to share a fun link down in the comments? Also, after reading Sara Zarr's advent essay, I would love to hear about how (or if) you mark Advent in a special way. Hope you're having a happy week! 


  1. Florence + the Machine: I've probably listened to Ceremonials (the entire album) 15 times in the past week. I am in love. Shake it Out, Never Let Go, and All This And Heaven Too are my favorites.

    Now, off to browse through those linkys you gave us. :)

  2. Love the Wonder bread story. Sounds like my childhood... and I also write. hm... =)

    And the thoughts on Advent. That last sentence, as you said, is- well, amazing. (something to be scribbled down and posted on my bulletin board.)

    Advent at our house is something new this year. But I've been blogging about it. And I'm loving every minute!

    Thanks for all the fun links!

  3. Love the post about the Taylor Swift song (though I've never really been a fan).

    Mollie at Wild Olive has been hosting this series called Ornamentation...she puts up instructions for how to make Christmas ornaments every day. :) They're so cute and I'm on an ornament roll now. Here's the link: .


  4. I read Sara Zarr's piece yesterday and it's been rolling about my mind ever since. Oh, the beautiful, awful tension of waiting between now and not yet!

    The Once musical sounds promising but can it really be good without Glen and Marketa?

  5. confession time: i've been reading your blog since september, and i legitimately squeal with excitement every time i see a new post. i've loved your writing since back when i got brio and you wrote the monthly devotionals. you even convinced me to make my own blog here. seriously, thank you so much for sharing your writing :)

  6. I love that post from Sara Zarr-thanks for sharing!

    And what a cool phantom artist-I would love it if cool sculputures showed up in my library!:)

  7. Cosmic Love is the best Florence and the Machince song. I love it and want to dance to it in a recital piece SO bad. Those shoes are not ugly!!! I love them! I also love all the pretty pictures...and then a storm tooper eating flavor blasted goldfish.

  8. I got a little something in the mail from you today. ;) Thank you so much for the note- and the bookmarks and buttons are lovely.

  9. I like your shoes, they are adorable!

  10. And is it possible if I could get a bookmark and buttons even if I don't have the book yet?

  11. 1.) That essay by Sarah is wonderful and good to hear.

    2) Those shoes are CUTE and deserve to see the light of day. :]

  12. thanks for that blog post by Sara Zarr. I really needed to hear that!

  13. LF, Florence is good stuff. She's got a cool look too. She looks like a gorgeous witch in an updated fairytale. (I mean it as a compliment). I love that you noticed the box was flavor blasted goldfish, btw.

    Katie, so glad you like it! :) I sent an extra, just in case you wanted to pass it along to one of your delightful cohorts.

    Lydia, most definitely!!!! Email me (nat.lloyd at and let me know your mailing address.

    Anon, you are so welcome. I needed to hear it too.

  14. I want a button!!! I'll email you my address.

  15. I just read that post by Kate DiCamillo and I love it!

    I actually wrote up some thoughts on Christmas that I've scheduled to post Tuesday, so I'll come back then and post the link for you. Other than those thoughts, I've never thought much about Advent and Christmas beyond Luke 2, decorations, and presents. But I'm excited for this season, excited for my changing perception of Christmas as I continue to get older {I'll be 21 in 2.5 weeks!}.

  16. I just wanted to let you know I got your book in the mail yesterday! I haven't started it yet, since I'm saving it for winter break (once all these stupid finals are over!) but I can't wait! Thanks so much again. :)