Sunday, January 29, 2012

mrs. padfoot

Listening To: Roads and Rivers by The Head and The Heart
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Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you've had a lovely weekend. I hope you had a chance to sleep in, read great books, snuggle with your dog, hang out with your friends and eat lots of waffles. Or maybe that's only my ideal weekend. ;) I don't often post on Sundays, but I'm posting today because of my dad.

My dad is one of approximately 4.5 men who regularly read this blog. And he casually mentioned that he thought retirement might kick in before that last post came to an end. I thought you might need a breather too. So before I write about more books I want to read this year, I'm interrupting your day for a couple of important announcements. I think the last one, in particular, will be very beneficial.

* Blogger has finally enabled threaded comments, which makes it easier for me to respond to individaul comments as you post them. However. To make that work, I had to change the comments back to embedded. So there will no longer be a pop-up window when you click through to leave a comment. Will you give it a try sometime and let me know if this new method works okay? Was the pop-up window easier for you to wrangle with? If you have trouble leaving comments, please let me know! Changing it back is no big deal. I just wanted to try this out and see if it was any better.

* As I've mentioned one time or a thousand, I'm totally smitten with those crazy Crawleys on Downton Abbey. I've also managed to hook many of my friends and loved ones (minus The Rogue Accountant ... he's a lost cause at this point). During the average week, I have all sorts of discussions about what might happen on the next episode. And what Thomas and O'Brien are really up to and whether or not Lavinia is really as sweet and innocent as she seems and whether Mary will really go through with marrying that smarmy newspaper man. Lady Violet is still a rockstar. The Dowager Countess has that boom-boom-pow, you know?

However. This week, when talking about Downton Abbey, I made a serious faux pas:

I said: "I wish Mrs. Padfoot would stop pushing Daisy and William together. That's making me nervous!"

And my mom was like, " ... Padfoot?"

And I clapped excitedly and yelled, "Mischief Managed!"

Because it didn't occur to me that I'd misspoken. Whenever I hear Harry Potter words, my Pavolvian response is to scream "Mischief Managed" or "Lumos!" (Or "Avada Kadavra" if I'm in a particularly sassy mood.)

So for a second my mom was looking at me all confused-like. And then she said, "There's no Mrs. Padfoot ..."

"PATMORE! I mean Mrs. Patmore."

Padfoot = Sirius Black of Harry Potter fame.

Mrs. Padmore = the snarky-adorable cook on Downton Abbey.

... they do not exist in the same universe.

There is no Mrs. Padfoot.


Also sad: Padfoot is not on Season 2 of Downton Abbey. But that'd make for an awesome story line, yes?

How's your weekend going?

P.S. - If you live in Oklahoma, I am jealous of you, because snowy owls are swooping through your stateIf you get a Hogwarts letter, will you at least send me a chocolate frog?


  1. Oh, how I would love to get a Hogwarts letter! (Except that I am far past the magic age of eleven...and I fear that I am also a squib.)

    I know lots of people who would like to be Mrs. Padfoot;)


    1. Shelley, ... I'm coming to terms with being a muggle. :) Sirius Black is super handsome. It's crazy to me that Sirius Black and the Comissioner on Batman ... are the same man.

  2. I love this because it combines two of my obsessions: Harry Potter & Downton Abbey.

    Mary better not marry (hahaha puns) that man because that would kind of devastate me. But I have a feeling things will turn out for the best in the end.

    P.S. I also love the Head and the Heart. As soon as I read your "listening to" I broke out into song. So yeah.

    1. Mary and Richard are no good for each other. I wouldn't mind if she married somebody else. Weirdly, as much as I want her and Matthew together ... I want the story to separate them for as long as possible (I think they need to get together at the very, very end of the series). But Richard?! That's not okay. :) I'm glad you think it all works out. That gives me hope! I kind of want Edith to fall for one of the soldiers she takes care of. Edith deserves a good romance. She gets passed over a lot. I agree that The Head and The Heart is great! I love watching them play too.

  3. i mean . . . if there's a mrs. padfoot needed, i volunteer :)

    i really want to start watching downton! so many of my friends have said it's great, but i'm crazy-busy with school, so i'm scared to get addicted to another show right now.

    1. Mrs. Padfoot ... that would be a swanky title. That would be so much cooler than being a duchess! I think you have a real advantage on the Downton Abbey thing. By the time you do get to watch it, you'll have both seasons on DVD. There will be no wait between them. It's addictive so the wait can be killer!

  4. That is one awesome video! Hogwarts vs. Downton Abbey...I wouldn't even know which one to root for.

    1. Me neither! But it's interesting to think who belongs in what house. Thomas and O'Brien are Slytherin. Obviously.

  5. Ohh, Downton Abbey. I admit, I've already seen the episode that's showing tonight (I just couldn't wait!), and be ready to be stunned. AHH. I won't give away spoilers, I promise.
    Lady Violet is hilarious. She never ceases to crack me up. Mary really bothered me the first season, but she isn't as much anymore. Sybil and Branson need to just get together cuz we all know it has to happen. Lavinia seems sweet...but Mary can't end up with Richard Carlisle. Ew, that man is evil.
    And then Matthew. I adore Matthew. Oh, sososo much! He's one of those characters that I just want to jump into the screen and hug.
    I can't wait to see more! The suspense week-to-week is killing me. (:

    1. I agree! The suspense is nuts! So far, I haven't watched ahead. But it's so easy to see pictures and stuff when I try to read about it. I did see one pic that I wish I hadn't ... but otherwise I'm still counting down the days so I can see what's up. I agree that Mary and Richard cannot occur. Like, how can there possibly be no other man that's into Mary? Ugh. Last week, when Matthew came in singing ... I nearly started jumping up and down on the couch. So romantic and awesome. The way she looked at him was better than a kiss.

  6. It is a bit of a tragedy that there is no Mrs. Padfoot. :)

    I'm so glad that Blogger has enabled a reply to comments feature! Is it complicated to set up? I really want it on my blog.


    1. Kristin, I read this article to figure it out (because I need visuals ... and this has screenshots:

      It was easy to do! I agree that there should be a Mrs. Padfoot. I agree with my whole heart ...

  7. I think the most funny thing about this post is that YOU really want to be Mrs. Padfoot. (I know you do;).

    1. Indeed, when I mentioned "Mrs. Padfoot"... I was mostly daydreaming out loud. ;)

  8. Supposedly it is not just Oklahoma... there seem to be quite a few snowy owls in Michigan these days as well. The front page of the newspaper had an article about them flocking to Michigan.

    I guess I can't complain about not getting an acceptance letter though, since one of my friends gave me this necklace for Christmas.


  9. You are listening to The Head and The Heart and that makes my head and heart happier than anything else right now.

    I'm scheduled to get hooked on Downton Abbey as soon as a) my brother fixes our Netflix subscription, and b) I finish my thesis. SO close.

  10. I live in OK! Hopefully I get to see one. That's crazy cool. :)

    Haha, Mrs. Padfoot. Wouldn't that have been great if Sirius had a wife? I like imagining that. But then, J.K. would have had to change A LOT of the books.

    ***Spoilers if you have not seen last night's Downton episode***

    I almost lost it when William died. He is so sweet and his wheezing self just killed me. I'm praying that Lavinia leaves Matthew so Mary can get her act together and win her man! :) Hopefully..

  11. I have a coffee mug very similar to that one. :)

    ugh, Harry Potter. My parents are very anti-Harry Potter, so, of course, the first thing I'm going to do when I turn 18 is read all the books. I'm looking forward to it so much.

  12. I want to be Mrs. Padfoot. SO BADLY. ;)