Wednesday, January 18, 2012

pink hot chocolate, etc.

Listening To: After the Storm by Mumford & Sons
Line obsession: "Wolf, /show your face." - from May B. by Caroline Starr Rose

Hey there beauties! I spent last weekend on the road (which makes it sound like I had a gig somewhere) (and I sort of did ... if you count hanging out with a really awesome eight year old a "gig"). Lucky for you, I took some exciting ( well ... "exciting") pics of my adventuring!

This is a perfect Georgia sunset:

This is what I was listening to while that sunset occurred:

I think that's appropriate. Stars are for lullabies and love stories. But I've always thought sunsets are more like rocksongs.

This is pink hot chocolate:

I know the pic makes it look like milk in a mug but it was very pink up close. I found it at World Market and packed it along so that Erin and I could partake of the pink hot cocoa while we watched Say Yes to the Dress. If you're wondering if we could possibly be any more girly, the answer is no. 

This is my nephew, Andy, and he's just about ten thousand kinds of adorable:

He's fluent in Star Wars talk. He loves Legos and Nickelodeon and he spends most of his time plotting ways to annoy his sister.

This is Andy's new hamster, Tiny:

Tiny is cute as long as he stays in his condo. At one point, Andy opened the condo to try and pet Tiny and I fluttered my hands, then screamed, then slammed the lid shut and hollered something like, "DON'T UNLEASH THE BEAST!" Because can you imagine if a hamster got loose in your house? I had visions of Tiny scampering across my face while I slept at night. *shivers*

Tiny's hamster condo is hardcore. It contains a plastic igloo, a slide, a wheel that looks like some fancy sci-fi contraption, a food bowl he likes to sit in, and a top hatch which he mostly uses for bathroom purposes. (If it had a big screen TV, it would be every guy's dream apartment.)

Speaking of monsters! Are you familiar with The Cookie Monster?

He wasn't on the farm (sadly). And yet! I've long believed that we all become more like people we admire and esteem. For most of my life, I've admired The Cookie Monster for his passion, tenacity, and fierce advocacy for baked goods. (You might call him a hoarder. I call him a connoisseur; a carpe diem kind of guy.) Lo and behold, while I was on the farm, I looked down and realized I was proving my theory true:


And this is my favorite cuddle monster, Biscuit, who has been especially snuggly since I got home:

That's the pic she wants on the back of her next album, tentatively titled: Born to Bark at the Neighbors Kids.

This is the look she gave me after I found a stain on the carpet exactly where Kramer's crate was when he visited over Christmas. Biscuit, you'll remember, doesn't particularly like her little doggy cousin. She usually reinforces this notion by re-marking her territory on the carpet whenever Kramer leaves. Which is exactly what she did after he left most recently. So I said, "Biscuit ... what's up with the mess in the floor?" And she was all:

"Uh ... Wasn't me."

And finally, this is Biscuit just being Biscuit:

Which is to say: lovable, cuddly, fuzzy, and just totally awesome. (Did you see the movie Tin-Tin? Did you know that Biscuit and Snowy are the same breed? Which is why I can't see the movie. Because I'll be squealing and clapping excitedly through the whole thing. They'd kick me out for sure.)

<--- Biscuit and I both think you're awesome, by the way. 

What's new with you this week? Are you keeping up with Downton Abbey? Did it drive you bananas when Mr. Bates's crazy wife came back and was all, "Bait-seh, you're coming with me!"? Are you a little bit confused by the story lines this time, or is it just me? OH! This factoid won't matter to many of you but, for those of you who remember the BBC version of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe that came out in the 80's ... did you know that the actress who plays Mrs Patmore on Downton also played Mrs Beaver?! You are welcome.

I'd love to hear what's new with you in the comments. Even if it doesn't include Downton Abbey. ;) 

Housekeeping Note: I've been mailing out lots of Paperdoll buttons and bookmarks lately. I'm so excited to share those with you! If you're reading Paperdoll with your friends or your church group OR if you're just reading it for yourself and you'd like some bookmarks or buttons, I still have a bunch. Just email me and let me know! You can see what they look like here. 


  1. I have a pair of socks that look almost exactly like your Cookie Monster ones, except they're a little fuzzier and they're pinkish-purple. They're so fuzzy they make my feet look about twice their normal size. :)

    Thank you for that bit of BBC LWW trivia! I had no idea. But then again, weren't the beaver actors hidden in massive fuzzy (I'm trying to break a record with how many times I can use that word in a comment, by the way) costumes? If so, then I guess it's excusable that I didn't recognize her.

    I'm loving Downton Abbey. I'm still in shock at how nice Mary is being this time around, because she was almost as bad as O'Brien and Thomas last time (in my opinion). I love the many characters and plot lines, because it makes it feel epic in a Charles Dickens sort of way.


  2. Hi Natalie, I just wanted to tell you thanks for writing Paperdoll. You have no idea how much it has blessed me in so many ways. Especially the part about scars. I have had acne for the past three years and though it's almost gone, the scars are still there and I always wondered how anyone could ever love me with a face like mine. You're perspective on Jesus and His scars and your own scars completely changed my life! I no longer care what other people think of me because as long as He thinks I'm beautiful, that's enough.
    I'm still reading you're book and I'm enjoying it a bunch :)
    Thanks again!


    P.S. I know this comment has nothing to do with your post, but I had to tell you.

  3. So sometimes I talk about your posts with the family and I mentioned Biscuit with my mom the other day and she asked what breed she was. And I said I didn't know, she looked at the pictures today and said, "I don't know either but she's sweet, why don't you ask her?" So, I'm asking what kind of dog is the adorable and utterly photogenic Biscuit? And Snowy from Tin Tin? :)

  4. Kristin, I totally recognized the voice too! I wondered if she'd done voice over work (and maybe she has?) but I'm positive it's the Narnia connection. You are right - she was totally beaver-fied for that! :) (Those costumes are pretty funny in retrospect ...). Also, I love fuzzy socks!! And I love what you said about Downton reminding you of Dickens. I can so totally see that. And even though I sometimes don't remember what happened, I like that I have to pay attention in every scene. That hour flies by. Have you seen the Great Expectations that's coming on Masterpiece (I think) this year? It looks so good!

    Marissa, goodness. Gracious. I cannot even find the words. Your comment hit me square in the heart. Thank you so so so much for sharing that with me. That makes writing the book totally worth it :) Also, I just clicked through to your blog, and I can confirm that you are absolutely gorgeous and any guy who didn't think so would be crazy. So glad you are finally seeing how gorgeous you are! I'm glad the book has been an encouragement to you :)

    LF, Biscuit is a wire haired fox terrier! Most people keep them trimmed a bit more severely (like - Snowy's fur is really short, etc.) but I keep Biscuit's face a little fuzzier. She's so much fun - very playful and frisky but also sweet. She's got some sass. And she's crazy photogenic. (Which is good since I take so many pictures of her ... :)

  5. I have those same slippers! I got them from Sams(: Oh and I looked up Downtown Abbey on Netflix but they didn't have it, my sister said something about them trading out movies and shows every so often. :/ Oh well...

  6. 1. I desperately want to visit Georgia again. Eat more really good peaches and see more of their sunsets. That place is gorgeous.

    2. Your niece and nephew are awesome. I am constantly around kids and their imaginations and innocence always inspire me to no end. They just know what life is really about, ya know?

    3. Tiny is cute and a bit freaky. I shiver tat the sight of anything that resembles a mouse. Once, in high school, a tiny white mouse was loose in our English class. Everyone thought he was cute. I did not. And I think he knew it. Because the little terror crawled in my backpack, and tried to eat my chocolate covered pretzels inside the bag. I screamed, flailed and darted to the other end of the room until my very gentle and tenderhearted teacher, with the help of a hunting, outdoorsy boy (who still laughs at me about this) took him outside. Needless to say, I hate mice.

    4.Downton Abbey....Poor Anna. Poor Bate-sy. Poor Daisy. Helllooooo Branson and Sybil?!?! :) I love her more with every episode.

    5. Pink. Hot chocolate. (!!!!)

  7. I did see TinTin and it was one of the greatest adventure stories! I definitely want a dog like snowy (or like Biscuit for that matter).

  8. Lydia, usually when I write about Downton Abbey, I misspell the first part. I sometimes type "Downtown" when it's really "Downton". So I probably confused you. Look on Netflix again and see if that was the case. I looked fairly recently and it was still on there. But your sister is right - they swap stuff out fairly quickly. If you can't find it on Netflix, I know was showing full episodes for a while!

    Steffanie, I, too, freak out over mice. The only mouse I like is Ryan Gosling back when he was a mouseketeer. Otherwise, they're creepy critters. So fast and the long tails and GAG. So I've never been into hamsters. Tiny is fine as long as he is in the condo but when the lid was opened ... I nearly had a heart attack. I'm amazed you reacted so bravely with your mouse attack! :) The Pink Hot Chocolate is pretty cute - it was a Hello Kitty packet back with the coffee and tea in World Market. And YES on Sybil and Branson! I'm so glad he only wanted to dump sludge on the visitor. I was really concerned for a bit ... (Sybil looks a lot like you, btw!)

    Charity, I definitely want to check Tin Tin out when it hits DVD! The previews reminded me a little bit of Indiana Jones.

  9. Oh I want to see Tintin, and OHMYGOSH I think your dog is related to Snowy in the previews!!

    Loving Downton Abbey, and I am so glad I'm not the only one who remembers the 1980s Narnia miniseries! :)

  10. 1. I want some pink hot chocolate! that sounds amazing. It would match my pink room perfectly.

    2. Biscuit is adorable.

    3. I just watched the first episode of Downton Abbey! I loved it. I remember seeing the trailer a year ago, but had forgotten about it until I read your post on it. Thanks for reminding me to watch :)

  11. Natalie, how do you watch Downton Abbey? Does it come on tv? I watched the first episode online, but am having trouble finding episode two...

  12. Thanks Natalie, I found it, and I love it (:

  13. so due to the fact that i happened to be in kenya over break, and happen to have british neighbors there who have downton abbey on dvd, i have seen BOTH seasons. (and watched it all in 4 days, no less.) i didn't even realize there was an england/america disparity there until i got back to the states last week, but now i can't wait til everyone else gets to see it too! so happy watching, and can i just say that you will LOVE sybil's storyline this season? :]

  14. Okay, so since reading your post a few weeks ago about Downton Abbey, I have watched the entire first season and the first episode of the second season. It is like my new favorite thing ever. I just need to watch episodes 2 & 3 before Sunday and I will be caught up, I think.
    Also, I always end up speaking in a British accent for a little after watching it. :) That's a good sign, I think.

    P.S. Biscuit is adorable, as always.