Sunday, September 2, 2012

the storm followed us here.

Hello from the land of Rocky Mountains and Chipotle!

We're driving out of Wyoming and back to Colorado, streaming the new Avett Brothers album. The songs aren't named individually on NPR, but my favorite song so far is the one with these lyrics:

"There's no falling back to sleep
Once you waken from the dream
Now I'm rested and I'm ready
To begin."

And I'm listening to that song while I watch a storm slide down over the mountains, then drift on over the gorgeous, golden flat-lands that seem to stretch out to forever. Lightning pulses against the dark sky in time with every drumbeat.

Somehow, even though this day is over, I feel like I'm at a beginning. That's a good feeling. But I guess every minute, night or light or in-between, is a new beginning ... if you want it to be one. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath (... Or a flying leap? :) and turn the page. Stop re-reading what has happened and bookmark your heart against the new.

Suck-fact: The trip tumblr doesn't seem to be working anymore. The app is annoyingly buggy. So I might use the blog to post a few pics over the next week. I'm blogging from my phone, so thanks for ignoring my many typos (and lack of usual formatting). Hopefully, le Tumblr will fix itself before tomorrow. (Maybe I should do this every now and then to change things up anyway :)

I'll end with a few snaps from today. The hotel staircase is The Stanley Hotel, where some scene in Dumb and Dumber was filmed. So,of course, Chase had to stop there.

Wishing you a dark and stormy night. And a new starting page. As Anne Shirley says, "tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it."


  1. I've been repeatedly listening to the 1.5 minute previews of the new Avett Brothers songs on excited for the CD to release! :)

    Love the pictures, especially the clouds in the last one. We had some gorgeous clouds like that yesterday before a long, loud storm last night.

    I love this whole post, actually. Thanks for reminding me that every moment can be a new beginning, because I really need one of those right now.


  2. I think Kristen hit it on the head for me! This post was wonderful, but when are your posts not? Lol I loved the reminder of how every moment is a new beginning and that made me think and realized that every moment does count, regardless of how much we screwed up a minute or two ago.

    Thank you for that. :D


  3. The tumblr app is horrible. I usually just go to tumblr in safari, it takes a little longer to get there, but it does acutally work. It all sounds beautiful and awesome!