Friday, October 5, 2012

blinks. 10/5/12

Listening To: If I Wanted Someone by Dawes
Line love: "In Sorry-in-the-Vale they sing this song: Forest deep, silent bells/ There's a secret no one tells/ Valley quiet, water still/ Lynburns watching on the hill/ Apples red, corn gold/ Almost everyone grows old." - from Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Hey friends! I hope you've had a lovely week! This morning is so gloriously foggy that I feel like I'm in England. Or like I've fallen into the pages of some dark and mysterious love story (also set in England, obvs). Like, maybe if I walk a little further, just down the street to the pond, which is always surrounded by an army of rabid ducks I'll see Heathclif, brooding and beautiful with a smirk on his face, leaning against a tree. (If Heathclif were real, he'd be such a tool.) Or perhaps, if I walk to the edge of my driveway and stare hard enough into the foggy-forever ... I'll see Mr. Darcy walking toward me.

Even as I typed that last sentence, I heard the wheezy pffffft noise that the garbage truck makes when it crests the hill. Such is my life.

(But let's have a moment anyway, shall we?)

Sigh. Back to reality! :)

I've been saving up some fun blinks to show you. ( I call them"blinks" because once I accidentally typed "blinks" instead of "links" Blinks sounds cuter.)  Care to discuss? :) 

- The Princess Bride was released 25 years ago this week! When it comes to talking in movie quotes, I'm pretty fluent in Princess Bride. And aside from being witty and fun, it's kind of a perfect fairy-tale, isn't it? I mean, Wesley!!! Gah. Even when he pulls his blonde hair back into the tiny, skeezy pony-tail, he's wonderful. Here's another wonderful read from The Atlantic Wire on "How the Princess Bride Became the Quintessential Teen Read.I've never read the book. Am I missing out? What's your favorite quote from The Princess Bride? 

- This week I discovered an amazing book reviewer and I cannot wait to link you to her YouTube channel (in the off chance you don't already know of her awesomeness). She's called Stevie Finegan and she's bright, funny, and articulate. And her passion for literature is wondrously contagious. A couple of my favorite so far:
   - When Stevie handpicks books for her subscribers, based on criteria they mention in the comments. 
   - When she discusses why she hates Jane Eyre. (Brilliant, yes? I happen to like Jane Eyre but I still heart this. And I 110% agree on the relativity of beauty.) 
   - When she tries to meet one of her favorite authors, Cassandra Clare, and her efforts to get a picture are thwarted. "That never would have happened in Waterstones." So smart and so well-done! I'm a fan. 

- My friend Kaylene is an uber-talented graphic designer, and she's beginning to design her own stationary. Love the bold patterns and color combinations! She's holding her first giveaway on her blog and she also tweets from time to time. Ever since my childhood days, when I developed an indescribable obsession for Hello Kitty stationary, I've hoarded cards and letterpress and pretty papers like a mad woman. I love handwritten notes; I especially love writing them. But receiving them is such a sweet surprise too, isn't it? 

- Project Runway's snarky-chic judges picked Christopher, Melissa, Dimitry and Fabio for the big runway show. Which ... sigh. I've been Team Christopher since about six seconds into Episode 1 - adore him. He's innovative and smart and, to utilize a quote the judges say every season, he knows how to dress a woman's body. It's one thing to make a model look snazzy, but regardless of the body-shape of his client, Chris can create a dress that's feminine and sophisticated without being frilly (which is my favorite kind of dress). Also, he is hilarious. I'm a big fan of Dimitry as well. His clothes have such an elegant, distinct kind of architecture, and they make his models look powerful and beautiful simultaneously. Michael and Nina want Dimitry to embrace some softness in his designs, but I like the rough, tailored edges. Don't give in, Dimitry! :) My Hipster-Snow White friend, Hannah, and I were chatting recently about how Melissa might do a fab runway show. I feel like we never quite got to see what Melissa was capable of. Her neon-colors aren't my fave, but I love it when she rocks-out her girls in all black. If she goes all-black with lots of leather and dark eyeliner during the finale, then I'm going to be squealing over it. 

That said, I'm kind of surprised they chose Fabio over Sonjia. Sonjia was my one pick from the casting episode who I thought would make it all the way. Her clothes are fun and sweet and a little bit weird and the construction is impeccable. Her green dress in the avant garde challenge wasn't my favorite; but usually the avant garde challenge isn't my bag. I get that "avant garde" is pretty much just walking art; so it should inspire me. And I have a feeling, as a designer, that's a very exciting (and maybe even liberating) challenge. But I never seem to enjoy that episode like I think I will. I bet her runway show would have been outstanding though. Are you guys watching this season? Do you have a favorite designer? 

- Worth a listen this time of year (or, uh, any time of year...): John Green gives outstanding advice on what the heck to do with your life

- This made me laugh. 

- Also this, from

- Girly moment: This dress is adorable.  I've worn these nearly every day since I bought them. And I've been wearing this for a couple of weeks as well. Because it's finally FALL, which means I can claim my love for dark nails, dark eyeliner, boots and black sweaters is seasonal. (Even though I'd dress like this every day of the year if it weren't so volcanic-hot in this city.)

- I was driving through the Rockies when I first heard this song. I pretty much haven't stop listening to it since.

- And I'm saving the best for last. This is a short feature about a young author named Stephanie Tremberger. Through the Make-a-Wish foundation, Stephanie was able to fulfill her dream of becoming a novelist. Even as she was undergoing intense treatment, Stephanie was able to complete her novel, The Ruby Heart. Stephanie says, "My life is not easy and books help me get away and if I could do that for one other person, it'd be awesome."

In particular, she wanted her work edited by the same editorial team who worked on Harry Potter. If you're a booknerd, like moi, then you know that particular editorial team is headed up by Scholastic's Arthur Levine. In any clip I've seen of Arthur Levine, or any interview I've read, he is so inspiring. Watch this clip through to the end, to the part when Arthur Levine says, "You never actually know when the book that you have made is the book that's going to change somebody's life." (But maybe don't watch it if you're at work, because there's a good chance you'll cry.)

That's such a good reminder for writer-types: you never know. Because there's always someone who will hate your work, and most likely that someone will be very, very vocal about it. That much, you will definitely know. So it's sweet to remember that there might be one person who connects with your words, who holds your book over their heart like a shield, or finds a way to articulate something they couldn't put words to, or who (in the words of Mr. Levine) realizes they aren't alone. That's the true magic of a story. 

It's good advice for anybody, really: whether you write or teach or paint or act or work at a drive-thru (or do ALL of that). You never know when the words you take the time to say, that random act of kindness you take the time to do, or the story you are brave enough to tell will change someone's life. 

Keep on saying. Keep on doing. Keep on telling. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on some of these links! I'll catch you down in the comments. 

PS - I told Biscuit I'd take her to the lake this afternoon. She's waiting verrrry patiently for me to fulfill my promise ;) 

Happy Weekending!


  1. I read "The Princess Bride" this past year because I love the movie so much; the book is obnoxiously long and unabridged and just, well, rough to get through sometimes. The particular version I read had almost a whole book worth of introduction in the beginning, some of which was interesting, some of which was not. The story itself is great, but all the other stuff in the book just made it tedious for the most part. I say, stick to the movie :)

  2. I read The Princess Bride when I was in high school or college. I was a huge fan of the movie and since I was a kid when I started watching it, had no idea it was really, really based on a book. (A little slow on the uptake, eh?) The book is great. I've read a few others of his books but Princess Bride remains my favorite.

    I'm half-watching Project Runway. I don't quite want to admit I'm over it because I'm still living in the glory years.

    Dawes opened for Mumford & Sons when I saw them earlier this year. LOVE.

  3. I tried reading The Princess Bride a few years ago when I watched the movie for the first time and fell in love with it. I really struggled, eventually skipping over the "introduction" part and getting into the real story. Finally I just gave up on it. But I'm planning on giving it another try sometime...:)

    I couldn't pick a favorite quote. I basically love everything that comes out of Fezzik's mouth. :) "You've been mostly-dead all day!" And the conversation about the key..."I have no gate key." "Fezzik, tear his arms off." "Oh, you mean *this* gate key." PB is one of the most quoteable films ever.


  4. I love blinks! Oh my gosh, yes when I saw that John Green video the other day I knew it was a new favorite. I must admit, I hate the Princess Bride. Really, I do. In fairness, I didn't really grow up watching it so that might be a strong reasons or my dislike. I have read the book though, it was much better than the movie in my opinion. A youtubing book reviewer? Awesome!

  5. I read The Princess Bride when I was in college...I remember enjoying it, but all things told I think I prefer the film. :)

  6. What a great post!

    I did like the Princess Bride movie better than the book.

    And Christopher!! He is the best (and nicest) contestant they have ever had on PR. I'd love to see him win, just because it is wonderful to see nice things happen to nice people. But Sonjia---loved her! Wah!


  7. Biscuit is the most adorable. And I told you, yes, that I am not such a dog person? Anyway, I am at work so I'm bookmarking that link about Stephanie for later.

    Also, I am living in my fall leather boots.