Friday, November 9, 2012

carpe diem. oink oink.

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About the last post: For some reason, my comments back to you are getting all jumbled up. I'll work on it! I love the quotes you're sharing, though! Thank you!

My parents have gifted me with a couple of cool things recently. First, to celebrate a recent monumental achievement, my mom gave me ... a flying pig!!

Cute, much? That's my favorite picture of him - ready to launch! (He gets kinda shy and goes invisible when I take his pic.)

The backstory, as if it's not obvious, is that I used to refer to Impossibly Wonderful Future Stuff by saying, "sure, whatever, when pigs fly." Or, if I was feeling particularly emo-Shakespearean, I'd say something like, "When the porkies doest reach-eth the cloud heights."

So. The Pig was the sweetest little surprise. I've had The Pig stationed close to my work this week, as an adorable little reminder to myself. Reminder  =

Sometimes, when life gives you a bucket of slop, you gotta grow a pair of wings.


(On a serious note, here's a far more appropriate quote: "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." - Earl Nightingale)

Not to be outdone, my dad bought me some ... chocolate TEA. It's supposed to brew up just like hot cocoa but without as much caffeine. I don't know why my parents are concerned about my caffeine consumption. Maybe they're tired of everything I say sounding like, "!!!!!!!!!!!" So I'm about to go brew somma that.

With chocolate tea and a flying pig, how can this Friday be anything other than whimsical and extraordinary? 

Note: Last time I took a tea break, I came back to discover that Biscuit had commandeered the computer to watch Halloween is Grinch Night.

She's a big fan of the Grinch's dog, Max. Truly, the only thing I hate about both Grinch movies is how the Grinch treats Max. I don't care if he steals turkeys and trees from the Who's. They're an overindulged bunch as it is. And their constant singing would drive me bananas too, honestly. But sweet little Max? Not cool. Thank goodness the Grinch grew a heart in the Christmas movie.

Back to the Pig. Do you have any good luck charms/trinkets/memory pieces that remind you to be brave? Or do you have a small keepsake that reminds you of someone you love? (I have a couple of those, too - but I'll blog about them another time.) I love it when little things that might seem inconsequential to one person mean the world to another. It's so sweet to know about the little places where we stash or memories, isn't it?

I hope you have a perfect November weekend. I'm in the mood to bake something, which will most likely end in a disaster. If so, I'll blog it. ;) I'll catch you down in the comments (don't forget to name The Pig!)


  1. Your little pig is so cute! :)

    I have a collection of quirky brooches. Some vintage ones and some unusual newer ones (like a Mary Poppins, a tiny record, an Aslan-shaped one, etc). I almost always wear one when I'm going somewhere and they make me feel braver somehow (after I move from the initial "Will other people think this looks weird?" phase into the "I think it's awesome, so who cares" one).

    {And congrats on your recent monumental achievement. I hope I don't sound extremely nosy or interfering to say that I hope it might possibly have something to do with a new book? If not, just disregard this but congrats either way. :) }


  2. I love that you wear brooches; those are so vintage and classy. How do you wear them? Do you just pin it on the side? Do you wear them with casual stuff or are they dressy? I've never tried to wear one, so I'm curious! :) Please never EVER stop wearing the "I think it's awesome so..." one! :) That's the best. I love that it makes you feel brave, and that it's still a little testament to your wonderful individuality. That's the best. :)

  3. I love naming things! I will work on a name for your awesome flying piggy! Please pray for me as I will be registering for my second college semester on Monday. All the classes are jumbled and crazy and I'm just freaking out. Sigh. Well I dint mean to leave a downer of a comment. Happy weekend!

  4. I wear the same jewelry every day. And the necklace I wear is a garnet gross from Prague that my high school english teacher gave me. She got it from Prague and gave to her grandmother. A year after her grandmother died my teacher said she wanted me to wear it. She is not a Christian and it reminds me of the powerful testimony my words and actions can have and that people always watch me and the Christ that is in me. Plus, it's the most beautifully elegant yet understated cross I've ever seen, it's my most favorite piece of jewelry I have.

  5. I have a charm bracelet that my grandma gave me for Christmas when I was 8. I usually try to get a charm for it whenever I visit a new city or for a major event. I love wearing it; people always want to look at each charm and ask lots of questions about it. And it's just really pretty :)

    That tea sounds amazing! I've heard of this really cute tea shop owned by Christians in downtown Austin that I've been dying to visit. I really want to to try their "Vanilla Wedding Chai" hearing about your tea makes me want to go all the more...maybe over break!