Monday, February 11, 2013

do you know beau?

Listening To: Merry Go Round by Kacey Musgraves
Line Love: "But Goldenrod had only been named Goldenrod because her mother was an avid gardener and her father lost the coin toss on the day of her birth. Had her father won, she might have been named after one of his hobbies, which included cooking and amateur house repair." - from The Mapmaker and The Ghost by Sarvenaz Tash

I've been playing tug of war with some deadlines this weekend (*pops knuckles* *stretches*), so my head's all wound up with words.

And I think it's safe to say that I'm getting a little bit stir crazy.

Proof: This morning, I stomped through my living room singing, "REVISION!" to the tune of Fiddler on the Roof's "TRADITION!"

This morning = 2 AM.

(Can you spot the flying pig in this picture?!)

And then I went to take out my contacts, and poked at my eyeballs to get them out and then, and only then, did I realize: Oh yeah, I'M STILL WEARING MY GLASSES. (Tell me you've done this? At least once?)

Sometimes, when deadlines start taunting me, Biscuit's a real trooper about it. She'll get this feisty little stance like, "Let's do it! WE GOT THIS!!!"

... And then sometimes she props her REAR on the keyboard and falls asleep as if to say, "We're done for the night. Seriously, done. No more. Go to bed. Don't worry about me; I'll just sleep right here." (*closes eyes* *zzzzzz*)

(She's too cute for her own good.)

So that's what's up with us!

And now I have some questions for you, that I'm hoping you might answer down in the comments. Help a girl out? Here goes!

1. Do you watch The Bachelor? How's February treating you so far? 

2. How do I watch The Lizzie Bennett Diaries? Your comments have convinced me that it's rad but I'm not really sure how to start. Is there a starting point? Or do you just kinda meander around on the YouTube channels and tumblrs and all that and ... start wherever you want? (These questions are probably dumb but I'd like to get it from the beginning as much as I can...and there's so much that I'm not quite sure where to begin.) (Also, are there two Darcy-esc characters?)

3. Children of the 80's, do you remember She-Ra, Princess of Power? Because if you do, 1.) you are awesome and 2.) I need you to help me with something. I loved She-Ra. I owned a Crystal Castle (except sometimes She-Ra had to share it with the My Little Ponies). I even dressed up like She-Ra for Halloween when I was little and, to this day, I sometimes hoist my toothbrush into the air and scream, "For the honor of Grayskull!". I'm a fan. I even remember She-Ra's boyfriend's name. It was Beau. Recently, I watched an episode of Duck Dynasty where Sadie went to the dance her boyfriend, Beau. And I was like, "She-Ra's boyfriend was Beau, too!" And nobody said anything to me, but they leveled me with a pitiful look which I believe could be translated as follows: you are a unique individual. 

Anyway. I found a cheap She-Ra DVD ($2!) that I'm sending to my BFF, for nostalgic purposes. And I found this picture on the back:

What is that pink thing?! Why don't I remember it?! Did She-Ra have a ... pup-icorn?

4. What's the best movie you've seen lately? Because for at least a few hours this week, I probably need to not look at words, and I would love to look at a movie screen instead. You know what I really want to see? Jack the Giant Killer! But I don't think that's out yet. That Nicholas Hoult is a doll though, don't you think?

5. Friends on the East Coast who got blizzard-ed: do people rush to the store and buy up all the milk and white bread when they hear a snow storm's coming? Or is that just a southern thing? (I rush to the store and buy Oreos and coffee, but milk and white bread are still big, apparently.)

Okay! Pup-icorns and movies and Lizzie Bennett. We have much to discuss. I'll meet you in the comments.


  1. One morning I put my contacts in and then put my glasses on. The sudden blurriness and headache clued me in on my mistake. :P

    Biscuit is so cute! If my dog even sat his rear on my laptop, he would most definitely break it.

  2. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are totally rad! You must, must, must watch them! Seriously. I started watching from the very beginning, and at first I wasn't sure about them, but it definitely grew on me until I'm now a total fangirl. :) Here is the official website which will give you all the links to everything and tell you exactly where to start.

    It's awesome that there is so many places to go, tumblr!,youtube!,twitter!, but I read an article from one of the creators that said if you watch only Lizzie's youtube channel then you're getting the story like the book. Basically, he likes all the extras, but they have to be extras. He wanted it to be easy for those who don't want to go around to all the different spots to be able to get the full story. Does that make sense?

    See, I obviously could go for days about this series. :D So if you do watch it, catch up quick because it's way more fun to have to wait between videos right along with the characters. Makes it more real feeling. YOU. MUST. WATCH. Okay, I'm gonna stop now. Promise. :)

  3. Lizzie B is a must watch. It can be a little crude (more in the beginning episodes). You can either go to the The Lizzie Bennett Diaries YouTube page and start on episode 1 or go to their website and click on the link to start from the beginning. I don't to the tumblr or twitter stuff.

  4. My cat sometimes sleeps with his head on one end of my keyboard, which makes the page scroll down continuously because he's on the arrow keys. :)

    Like others said, the LBD videos are in order...there's a playlist on Youtube where you can watch them one after the other. :) I couldn't stop until I got my first glimpse of Darcy, which is around episode 60, I think? And there's only one Darcy-ish character (unless I really missed something :).

    I haven't watched many movies lately! I've been going through Gilmore Girls again at a ridiculously fast rate (Kirk is my hero). One of the last ones I watched (again) was The Young Victoria- I love that movie so much!


  5. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are amazing! I would say you should at the very least watch all of Lizzie's videos and the spinoff videos (Maria, Lydia, and Gigi all vlog at certain important points in the story). If you go to and click on the links, you can watch the story in order. It is really important to watch them in order for the best experience!

    If you want to look at the twitter conversations in addition to the videos, go here Twitter isn't just used for mindless chatter, it actually adds a lot of depth to the story. You get pictures from excursions and other fun things.

    There is only one Darcy character, but he doesn't show up until ep60! Costume theater is used a lot in the series, which gives the viewers a view of the world as Lizzie sees it. Almost all of the important characters show their real faces at some point though, with only a few exceptions.

    I'll stop talking before I ruin it by giving away too much. But definitely start from the beginning using the links above. Have fun!!

  6. I am SO excited for you! You are going to have so much fun with LBD :)) It's ALL I see on Facebook anymore. And this morning's video? GAH...Don't watch it until you're caught up, though :) But there are good things ahead...Heart wrenching. But good. You'll love it

    And the spazz moments? Yeah, I have those. ALL. THE. TIME. And not always early in the morning or late at night either... Now I've got your REVISION song stuck in my head.Or maybe it's the actual version from the musical. I can't tell... Is that weird?

  7. When you mentioned the LBD I kind of squealed... :) As everyone already said, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries are fabulous! They've inspired me to re-read Pride and Prejudice and snatch up all the adaptations I can. The easiest way to get into it at this point is probably through the main website:

    It's all organized and it includes all the aspects of the story, because the characters have their own social media platforms, and their tweets contribute to the story! Jane was even pinning pictures on pinterest that corresponded to the story. (Jane is my favorite!) I also think this adaptation is stays true to the spirit of the book, which is very impressive and wonderful:) That's probably enough fan-girling for one comment. But yeah, I really hope you like it!

    I love your blog, by the way! And Paperdoll is lovely :)

  8. I'd watch LBD from the beginning. I'm only on ep. 43 (I think?) and I keep postponing watching the rest because one of my roommates and I just started watching BBC's Sherlock. Oh. My. Goodness. Martin Freeman is wonderful and Benedict Cumberbatch is adorable. I love that seems to be a combination of House, CSI, and Doctor Who. So very British and witty and intense. Not sure if you're into dark mystery but I do believe you enjoy the British side of life. :)

    I'm taking a British Lit class and didn't realize it was a survey via. poetry but I'm FINALLY beginning to get the hang of poetry and now I can actually enjoy it. I'm so thankful. All my classes are overlapping as far as content this semester and I love it. Three cheers for the liberal arts!

    I hope these deadlines mean that we'll get to read some of it. Hope all it well. :) Happy Early Valentine's Day!

  9. I LOVE the song Merry Go Round. The lyrics are so creative and haunting, for a lack of a better word. She has such a beautiful voice.

    I was just watching the latest Downton from last Sunday with my family and sadly our tv only recorded the first hour! It was such a good episode too and then it all just stopped. :( Hoping to find the second half of it online. I don't know if you've seen it yet or not, but the servants' plot line is getting so stressful. I'm so mad at Thomas, yet slightly sympathetic. I'm so ready for O'Brian to leave though. Right now. To never come back. Ahh she drives me crazy!

    And I hope your deadline is maybe a new book??! I just passed along Paperdoll to one of my friends at school who's working on a talk for our youth group retreat. She loved it so much she's buying her own copy! :)

  10. Gurl, let me tell you how they do it on the East Coast. Grocery store? More like ghost-ery store...because of the lack of items. Also, our grocery stores sell wine, so that is also gone.

  11. I couldn't get past two episodes of LBD because of the rapid fire John Green video editing style. Does that ever go away?