Wednesday, March 13, 2013

springday giveaway.

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Hello beauties and beastlies!

I've been living it up on ye olde farm, hence the crickets around here. But I'm back! And I'm working on several fun posts to share in the coming weeks. Spring is roaring through my life, literally and metaphorically.

Well ... sort of literally.

Have you noticed how often people literally use the word "literally" in a way that ... doesn't make much sense? But wind makes a "roar" noise, so that's kinda literal, yes?

But anyway! I wanted to fire up the blog today to 1.) see how you've been (what's new with you?!) and 2.) let you know about a fun giveaway.

The suave and swankified ladies of Sisterhood Magazine are giving away a signed copy of Paperdoll today. (Here's their super cute Instagram announcement.) If you'd like to enter, all you have to do is go to their Facebook page and follow the directions. Easy-breezy. The contest is only open for a few more hours (they're on Colorado time).

For those of you who are new to this here neck of the woods (*hugs to you!*), Paperdoll is a small, non-fiction book I wrote a few years ago. Actually, the book came out four years ago this month.



Paperdoll is about the woman at the well and what her story in John 4 taught me about faith, beauty, scars, second chances, genuine worship, and genuine love. Paperdoll is NOT a how-to book, and, obviously, I'm not under any illusion that I'm a big deal, or that I'm some snazzy celeb with cool advice to dole out. (I think cowboy boots are a neutral and go with any outfit so, obviously, advice is not my specialty.)

The heart of Paperdoll is really about learning to spread my wings within my faith -- making it mine, living it out, and learning to making peace with the mystery of it all. The book is also about the freedom, and confidence, I find when I find my worth in what Jesus says about me, instead of what other people keep telling me I'm supposed to become. It's a process, and the book is about  how I was changing and growing and deepening my faith during that season of my life.

Somebody asked me, way back when Paperdoll came out, about my hope for the book. And my hope was, and is, that someone will read it and realize they have a purpose for being here - that they're loved completely, just the way they are. I think high school, and college, inevitably have dark seasons. Actually, I think pits of suck are inevitably at every point. And, hopefully, on the dark days, you're surrounded by people who love you and who keep reminding you of all the good in you. Hopefully you know, even on those days, God loves you and He has a purpose for you. But if you feel hemmed in, or unwanted, or unloved, or used, or broken, or rejected ... then I hope this book is your standing ovation. I hope it reminds you of al the wonderfully-fearfully-lovely you have tangled up inside you. Your story is barely even getting started. Good days are coming.  You're here for a reason. So never, never, never give up.

If, at some point during the last four years, you read Paperdoll, I hope it encouraged you. And if you happen to snag a copy on the Sisterhood site today, I hope it reminds you that you that you're a rockstar with a beautiful story to live out. Paperdoll has been such a sweet book adventure. Thanks for taking it with me.

*end of sap fest*

Here's where you can go enter to win a copy. The contest is open until 2:00 today. Go forth and win! :)

I'll be back later this week with the usual nonsensical posts.

What are you into?! Have you had a good week? Did you see Jack the Giant Killer? Because I did. And it seriously grossed me out, but I'm a major nerd when it comes to that stuff. I'm seeing OZ this week, which I'm just super-duper excited about. Sour Patch Kids, here I come!


  1. My copy of paperdoll has been underlined so many times I think it might be easier to underline the things that DON'T strike me (I would have far less highlighted sections, that's for sure)
    I've gone back to Paperdoll a lot in my life and always come away with something new
    I just started reading it again, actually. My cousin passed away on Thursday and I'm desperate for answers, desperate for that connection with a God who loves me, a God that is good despite everything that's happening.

  2. I can't believe it's been four years! I clearly remember the day I bought my copy at Lifeway. :)

    I want to see Oz, because I adore the classic film. But I'll probably wait until it's on DVD because that guy (what's his name?) weirds me out for some reason. Plus I'm thinking the film might let me down because it has so much to live up to.


  3. OZ was ok. I liked a lot of the side characters, especially the porcelain girl. But I am not a huge James Franco fan, either.
    I love Paperdolls! Last spring a friend and I read it at the same time. We would email our thoughts back and forth to discuss how the chapter impacted out life. I think reading it with a friend was a great way to read this book. I also love that it is geared towards young women and not just High Schoolers. I am trying to find other devotionals like that but am not coming up with much.

  4. Natalie you are sooo inspirational! I read your book a few years ago and I loved it. I hope you write another one soon. ;)

  5. I needed this post today. Once I finish my Jane Austen devotional I'm going to start rereading your brilliant book. :)