Thursday, August 1, 2013

bon voyage, felicity!

Hey sweet people! How's your summer going?

I promise I'll write fun and funny blog posts again in the near future, but I wanted to pop in today and share some fun news with you:

Felicity Juniper Pickle is going to France! C'est magnifique! : )  Here's the official announcement:

Children’s French rights to Natalie Lloyd’s A SNICKER OF MAGIC, to La Martinere, by Donatella d’Ormesson in association with Kathleen Ortiz of New Leaf Literary & Media on behalf of Suzie Townsend. 

France!! I am gobsmacked. And I'm super grateful, especially to Suzie (aka: my amazing agent) and Kathleen Oritz (aka: The Great Ninja of Foreign Rights).

I still can't believe I get to see Felicity's story roll out in other languages. Upon hearing this news, I'm certain that Felicity's Aunt Cleo would attach a little French flag to the antenna of her car (a Nissan Sedan she calls The Beast of Burden), crank up some bluegrass, and drive the family to the local ice cream shop for some celebratory scoops.

I'm probably doing exactly the same thing later. Except I'll be wearing a sequined skirt. Full confession: It's actually got sequins and a tribal print, because go big or go home, right? *nods*

Okay, I just typed in "french bluegrass band" and Bing gave me gold. This is the French bluegrass band Canailles. They've performed at SXSW but I think this clip is more fun. Could these girls possibly be more chic? *sigh* I think this is a fitting way to end this post.

Bon Voyage, Felicity and Jonah! Enjoy the city of light. 

I would love to hear how your summer is winding down! What are you celebrating today?


  1. Wow! Huge congratulations! Just think how cool it will be to see your own book in another language, and with a brand new, French cover! Wow!

    Oh, and that skirt sounds awesome.

    1. Thanks so much, Caryn! I can't wait to see the French cover! And to see how some of the mountain twang in the book translates ;) The skirt is really not as loud as I made it out to be - it's more of a subtle shimmer. But it's still fun to say my favorite day-to-day outfit usually includes sequins and cowboy boots ... it's like my heart LONGS to be as tacky as possible ... :)

  2. Congrats, Natalie! :)


  3. Félicitations! :) That's so fun! I love hearing all your book updates...such an exciting season for you!

    1. Thanks Courtney! It has been an exciting season!! I've really got fun-normal things to blog about, too. I've been writing so many other things that I sometimes don't have the creativity required to churn out a fun blog post but I'm making my way back ! :)

  4. I have that mug.
    Oh my golly, I'm so excited for you. Maybe after I read it in English I'll try and get my hands on a French copy. I took French for four years and I can still just barely read it. They just talk so fast I can never understand anything they are saying. :)
    Susannah (formally known as LF)

  5. Woo hoo! Doing a happy dance in your honor! :D