Thursday, October 31, 2013


Friends, it is the day before one of my favorite days of the year. Tomorrow is the day whole BAGS of candy will go on sale for half-price, simply because they have Frankensteins and Pumpkins on the wrappers. WIN. Tonight, however, is Halloween and it's a fun night, too.

Fun for leaves!

Fun for jack-o-lanterns!

Fun for treats!

Sadly, Biscuit and I will not be lobbing candy at trick-or-treaters tonight. This neighborhood gets packed with trixie-treatsy types, so she'll already be barking and squealing like crazy. Too many people coming to the door would make her frantic.

I do think Biscuit would look adorable in a costume though. Like in a little superman cape or something!! But every time I suggest this to her, I get this look:

So I guess it's not happening.

How is that even comfortable?

I told her we could also dress up as a duo one year. Dorothy and Toto seems a bit obvious, but maybe we could be, like, Sherlock and Watson. Or Lucy and Aslan. Or Khaleesi and her dragon?!

She's still not into it. So.

One year, my friend Tony and I dressed as Harry and Hermione. It was a last minute costume. This was obvious, apparently, since the first person we saw asked if we were supposed to be Olive Garden waiters.

In fact, we were supposed to go as Sonny and Cher. I was going to be Sonny, but the Sonny Bono wig I received in the mail was a disaster. It was shoulder-length and fluffy. And then my brother, who cannot follow essential costume instructions, purchased a salt-and-pepper-colored mustache instead of a black one for me to stick upon my face. So I looked like a very short, very creepy, old hippy. Which was funny, admittedly. But Sonny and Cher just wasn't happening. Thus, I found myself using eyeliner to draw a lightning-bolt scar on Tony's forehead about five minutes before we partied. That's the last time I dressed up for Halloween.

But I am wearing a sweater today that counts a little bit, I think. It reminds me of Winnifred's book in Hocus Pocus:

Halloween night will be chill for me. My mind is all wound up in something new, and so I'm trying not to even talk to many people. For their sakes. When I'm in the early drafty phase of a project, I make no sense to anybody. I don't even make sense to myself. I just get all mumbly-crazy-wacky. And then my brain is so full of plots and words and characters that I just get ... quiet. Sometimes frustrated. Sometimes excited.

It's so fun diving into a new story though. And gosh I love writing in the fall.

There's something about the whistling wind
and the fluttery leaves
and the way dark clouds creep and curl across the silver skies
... it's bewitching.

And if I happened to be writing something a bit ... ghostly ...
- I'm not saying that I am, of course, but if I were - ...

... this would be a lovely day to do it. ;)

Question: What's your favorite costume that you've ever donned for Halloween shenanigans? Or the costume you wish you'd worn? Are you partying tonight, or chilling out with your dog and a bag of candy and watching The Great Pumpkin?

Also: If you're in the mood for a spooky-lovely read, this book is so wonderful that I tried to walk and read at the same time, which nearly resulted in a sprained ankle, which would have SO been worth it.

Happy Halloween, you beautiful monsters! 


  1. Love the picture of the cloudy sunset. Sunsets in the fall are just so much better than at any other time of the year! :)

    I don't really know if I had a favorite costume! Mine were pretty basic: Minnie Mouse, angel, cowgirl, princess, witch, etc. I was a witch when I was about 9 or 10, and the pictures crack me up. I think I really got into that...I'm making these awful faces in all of them, made even worse by the fact Mom put some dark lipstick on me.

    I'll be having a quiet Halloween...cross stitching and watching The Great Pumpkin and Monsters University. :) I've watched some other Halloween-ish movies over the past week, like Casper and Arsenic & Old Lace. Last night was Psycho, and now I remember why I take baths instead of showers. :)

    1. Psycho is one of the creepiest movies ever. It's deserving of all the hype, for sure!! And I love the sound of your Halloween night. It sounds so cozy! :) What are you cross stitching?

      I think the witch was my least favorite costume, too! My favorite was the year I went as Sleeping Beauty. I was in ... 3rd grade, maybe. My mom made a gown that looked exactly like Aurora's - that pale blue with the purple-ish sleeves. And I got to wear a tiara. And my Reeboks. Haha :) Halloween is so fun. I miss dressing up. For me, it has never really been fun to do as a grown up but I loved doing it when I was little.

  2. Wow, your pictures are absolutely stunning! That scenery makes me soooo jealous!!! Over here spring has just sprung (actually we skipped spring and dived headfirst into full blown summer) and it's wonderful to see the grass turning green again. Also, the jacaranda trees are in full bloom which means that there are literally carpets of purple flowers lying everywhere (and the flowers seem to fall continuously, like those cherry blossom trees you see in movies) - the only problem is that when it rains the flowers all turn to super slippery slime!

    Halloween's not really big here so I've never gone trick or treating - I absolutely loooove dressing up though and am currently planning a (female) lone ranger outfit for my friend's Wild West birthday party. They've been showing Halloween movies all week on TV. Last night I watched Scooby-doo and I decided that I my dream costume would be dressing up like Velma - all that orange!

  3. There were storms at our house last night. So trick or treating will be tonight. Last night I watch the Addams Family movies, love those. :) I'm wearing one of my old costumes, a homemade medieval outlaw outfit, inspired by the incredible BBC show, Robin Hood. It's probably my favorite just because I look awesome in it. :) I was Sybil Crawley last year, in another homemade masterpiece by my sister (who was Edith.) When I was younger I was Clara from the Nutcracker (which I still think is really clever), and I remember I really loved being a black cat and an ice skater. I love costumes, and halloween. And candy, of course. :)

    1. And I would just like to make it clear that I'm nineteen, and am therefore giving out the candy and not actually going trick or treating. :)

  4. I kind of took a break from the handful of blogs I was accustomed to keeping up with when they did away with google reader earlier this year, and so I haven't read yours in ages. What a treat to come back by and feel kindred all over again with you and how much you love fall and reading and nostalgia too. I hope you have a wonderful season, friend.