Thursday, March 19, 2015

the love you part.

This weekend I'll be hanging out with this guy. He's fun and funny and pretty much my favorite person in the world. He is also my brother. Chase lives in Denver, and he loves it there. I'm grateful I can sneak away ever so often to spend a weekend with him. Colorado is a wonderful place, but he's the best part of it.

I dearly miss that nerd.

I remember when he decided to move, to ditch the Smokey Mountains for the Rockies. My heart was a storm over it. I had a tornado-heart. I was so proud, but I was also so sad, and those feelings kept swirling and swishing together in constant, crazy ways. It's nuts to me, how it is possible to miss someone so much and love them so much. At the same time. Hearts are miracles, is all.

I've always said jokingly (...but not really jokingly) that I want my own town where I can put all my family and friends. All together. We'd live on the same street, and hang out on weekends and eat cookies and have bonfires and play Clue. Doesn't that sound dreamy? Alas. :)

I miss him heaps, but the proud-part always wins out. Actually the love-you part always wins out. I'm proud of him for following his heart into the wild, wild west. I'm proud of him for being brave enough to become what he knew he needed to be. And I'm thankful for technology. We still talk frequently. As any loving big sister will testify; distance is really nothing when you care about somebody. I'm not that easy to get rid of. ;)


  1. It's awesome that you're so close to your brother! :) I hope the two of you have a great weekend.

    (And all of these new posts lately are awesome, too.)

  2. Sometimes I wish I'd have my own town where I'd put all my friends and family too. It would be so lovely that way. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your brother!

  3. Yay for Colorado! This way maybe I can bump into you while getting ice cream!
    What a sweet post and something I need to remember about my friends and family that live far away!

  4. I love this post and think this is awesome! So great to see siblings having fun!! Yay for Colorado!!