Wednesday, June 24, 2009

strawberry swings and such.

Hey all. I accidentally posted a blog entry before I had time to edit any of it. I think I deleted it before it went through to your Google Reader, your email, or anything of that nature. But if it went through - do not look at it! It doesn't contain any saucy information, it's just unfinished :) It's not very coherent. No spellcheck. And it contains a really fun review I don't want to spoil for you before I complete the whole thing. My apologies for being lame. I'm still new to this blog format. Also, humidity turns my brains to vapor. That I function at all during the summer is a miracle. Sometime this weekend, I'll add a book review, a boatload of the usual random and somewhat pointless ponderings, some fun links, and the final results of what happened when The Vicious Pandas faced off against The Puffy Kittens in the bowling game of the century. T-shirts are being made. Awesomeness will occur :)

Till then ... I was wondering if you might be up for a meme? I miss the days of yore, like three years ago, when people sent these suckers via email all the time. Now they just slide through Facebook and MySpace and I feel like a nerd if I do them. But here in the Swamp, I make the rules. And we celebrate Nerd-dom. Hope you feel like playing along! :)

1. First Name: Natalie2. Favorite Food: Tacos or Strawberries. Not together, but, ya know.3. Hometown: "Where the city in October looks like fire..." - Sandra McCracken
4. Favorite Color: Sunset :)
5. Current Celebrity Crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (Always celebrity crush = John Schneider. Don't judge me.)

6. Favorite Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper7. Dream Vacation: I would go to Europe for a month. Or many months ...8. Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies9. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: A Writer10. What I Love Most In The World: My family
11. My Favorite Song (for today): There are two.

(Teaser: I'm working on a final, and very important scene in The It. Thus, I've been listening to this song over and over. It gives me chills :)

12. One Word That Describes Me: {Don't know. I need to think about this one ... }13. My Journal Name: Hope Like Feathers

Hope you feel like playing along! :) I'll be back in a few days to add the cleaned up version of the blog you might have already read ... ;)


  1. 1. First Name: Allison
    2. Favorite Food: oh my word...RICE! I blame the bc.
    3. Hometown: "Where the city in October looks like fire..." - Sandra McCracken (that's the best line so I'm leaving it)
    4. Favorite Color: Blues, all of them
    5. Current Celebrity Crush: Brad Pitt has always had my heart
    6. Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea! what what!
    7. Dream Vacation: Italy, oh Italy...
    8. Favorite Dessert: Whatever is dark chocolate and in front of me
    9. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: The best mom ever
    10. What I Love Most In The World: Well, yes, family of course, but art in all its forms moves my heart in ways I can't put into words
    11. My Favorite Song (for today): Um, this is impossible, I'm sorry, even for just today, but I think my most favorite song to hear on the radio right now is 'kiss me thru the phone' by soulja boy...gets me every time!
    12. One Word That Describes Me: Amazon
    13. My Journal Name: I don't know what this means

    beeteedubs(btw), I can not wait to see that movie (I'm screaming inside) and both of those songs are aaaa-ma-zing and, for kicks, you should read my brother in law's blog if you don't'd like his writing, promise.

  2. 1. First name: Sarah
    2. Favorite food: Chinese
    3. Hometown: Currently? The City of Wind aka Lethbridge, Canadia
    4. Favorite color: Pinks and blues. I also like purples that retain the characteristics of either pink or's hard to explain.
    5. Current celeb crush: Hmm. Always? Johnny Depp. I also love Michael Cera and Ryan Reynolds. And Orlando Bloom. But I should stop.
    6. Favorite drink: Anything that fizzes. But long live Coca-Cola.
    7. Dream vacation: oh, anywhere in Europe! Also, I kind of wish I was back in Australia.
    8. Favorite Dessert: Um...coconut ice. Or white chocolate.
    9. What I want to be when I grow up: A grown up. A grown up that writes?
    10. What I love most in the world: My family, my friends, God and internet access;)
    11. My Favorite Song (for today): Um, I like The Climb and Love Story by Taylor Swift
    12. One word that describes me: Undecided (as in, I am undecided about my answer. But perhaps that says something?)
    13. My Journal names: I think therefore I blog/Sarah With a Chance

    * Natalie, I LOVE Brooke Fraser. I think that video of Hosanna is from last years Hillsong Conference in Sydney. I tried to see if by some stroke of luck I was actually in the vid but, alas, I was probably blocked my Some Tall Person. Isn't that always the way of it?

  3. 1. First name: Ashley
    2. Favorite food: bacon
    3. Hometown: Heh. I guess Mobile.
    4. Favorite color: green
    5. Current celeb crush: the Jonas brothers (don't judge, I've been hooked on the Disney channel for about three weeks) and Gene Kelly
    6. Favorite drink: toffee nut white mochas. Iced or hot.
    7. Dream vacation: one with my friends. preferably a road trip with really awesome music. and a mountain. and a beach where i don't get sand in my ears. and snow. and at least one all-nighter in the lobby of a hotel.
    8. Favorite Dessert: cheesecake... or cookie dough, or both
    9. What I want to be when I grow up: something with coffee and ministry and dangerous stuff and a family
    10. What I love most in the world: spending time with friends
    11. My Favorite Song (for today): Today - Please Forgive Me by David Gray. All time - In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.
    12. One word that describes me: insaneulous.
    13. My Journal name: whyisntthisstupdithingworking (i was a little frustrated)

    So you should make strawberry tacos. Crepe style. Or maybe it would be strawberry crepes, taco style. with cheese and everything.

  4. In Your Eyes...Good one! See, I needed more time!

  5. Allison, I only wish Amazon was a word I could use to describe myself :) I'm with you on the art. My niece sang along with Soulja Boy on the way to Knoxville the other day. It was really cute :) I've read your bro-in-law's blog before, and thought it was awesome. Then I forgot the address. I'll add him to my reader! Thanks for passing along the link.

    Sarah, you must fill me in on Australia! How long were you there? Did you go to Hillsong stuff fairly often? You've done some serious globe trotting! :) I'm a big Taylor Swift fan too. Have you seen her on CMT Crossroads with Def Leopard? SO good! (And as I am only 4'11", I can so relate to never ever being able to see at concerts).

    Ashley, awesome song pic. Are you a Say Anything fan (movie not the band)? Ya know ... "strawberry tacos" actually could work. Like Crepes with marscapone or something? Gah! We should be on Top Chef!

  6. My order at Sonic, especially on a day when I need a serious pick-me-up?

    Diet Dr. Pepper, extra ice. :)