Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Listening To: Christmas Lights by Coldplay

Hey party animals! Please excuse the mess around here while we remodel just a smidge. The crazy spacing is driving me bananas, but eventually we will have it all fixed. Originally, I thought I'd clean up the sidebar over there, and make some actual pages for this blog. But now that I've done it ... eh. I dunno. It's just hard to move furniture around once you get attached to something, ya know? (Writing about remodeling reminded me of the Friends episode when they try to move the couch through the door. Any Friends fans? Pivot!) We're still experimenting. (And don't worry; I'm not talking about myself in the plural. My wonderfully talented and tech-savvy friend Kay helps me with this stuff so I don't go crazy.) I have a longer post for you at the end of the week, but I did want to check in and let you know why it's looking all Spacey McSpacerson up in here.

Also, I wanted to let you know about a giveaway at the end of the week. On Friday (December 14th), Susie Magazine will be giving away several signed copies of Paperdoll on their Facebook Page. They'll have instructions there on how to win (but it will be something easy - "like" the post, etc.). So if you'd like to own a copy of the book or if you, like me, like to put off buying Christmas presents as long as possible, then be sure and mosey that direction.

Also, *hugs* to those of you working through finals and final papers. Do you know what I don't miss about high school and college? THAT. Someday your mid-December will be merry again, I promise. Hang in there!

Today's very important question: what's the most fabulously corny Christmas movie you've seen this year? Because I'm in the mood for something like that. Preferably a love story. A sappy one. If it involves cute dogs, sad songs, and some sort of last minute miracle, that's even better. I recorded a movie called Christmas with Holly, but I haven't watched it yet. But I'm hoping it fits the bill. Holler if you have more recommendations. (But if you recommend the movie Christmas Shoes to me, I will not share my Oreos with you.)


  1. Finals are done. I made it through my first semester of college with straight As. As for Christmas movies, I'm not really a fan. I know that's horrible but unless its Home Alone, Santa Clause, or Its a Wonderful Life, I don't watch it. For the most part anyway.

  2. When I dated my first boyfriend, I knew it wasn't going to work out pretty early on (but because I'm stubborn I wanted to make it work anyway). When he insisted I pick out "our song," we ended up picking Christmas Shoes because we both hated it. When we broke up (the day after Christmas), I was really thankful that I hadn't ruined one of my favorite songs by associating it with him - I already couldn't stand the song! I'd say it was the most brilliant thing we did in that whole relationship.

    Mom and I watched the new ABC Family movie "The Mistle-tones" with Tori Spelling and Tia Mowry. It was sufficiently cheesy, musical, and heartwarming. No puppies, but there was a cat. And choreography. Also, "All I Want for Christmas" (my favorite cheesy Christmas movie of the 90's) is coming on AMC soon. I've already set my DVR.

  3. I apparently have issues with venturing out into new Christmas movie territory, because I watch the exact same ones every year. :) Mostly classics (It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Christmas in Connecticut, etc.) but some newer ones, too. Probably the only one I watch that *I* consider corny is The Santa Clause (the first one). I think it's sweet and hilarious, but probably mostly because I grew up watching Home Improvement and Tim Allen. {I snort laugh every time he says about the reindeer, "They all look like they have Key Lime Disease!"}

    P.S. I see "The Wilder Life" mentioned in your sidebar...have you read it yet? What did you think? :)


  4. Thanks for the hug Natalie! That shout out made my day! :D We're sloshing through finals and term papers now over here in So Cal, but almost done!

    One of my favorite Christmas movies (besides the classics of course!) is "A Dog Named Christmas" that was on the Hallmark channel a few years ago. Some people might consider it corny, but I don't think so! haha:) I love dog movies, especially when they're happy dog movies!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

  5. As soon as I read the title of the post, Ross's voice filled my ears/mind. PIVOT!

    I've been watching some cheese-tastic Christmas movies on Lifetime and Hallmark and even ABC Family. I'm equal opportunity and a few of the story lines haven't been as predictable as they usually are.

  6. Newest corny Christmas movie that I admit I've already watched twice this year is.... 12 Dates of Christmas. I totally judged it at first as a waste of time, but it was actually kinda cute. :) Merry Christmas, Natalie!

  7. Natalie,
    This isn't a response to this post, persay, but I've just been MIA from the blogger community in general lately, but I want to tell you how much you and your blog mean to me and how HUGE of a role model you are to me. Knowing I can come back to this blog whenever I can and how posts and posts to read is like reconnecting with an old friend over coffee.
    I should just e-mail you.
    Maybe I will. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you so and think about you often.
    Allyson :]

  8. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!!!!!! My Dad and I started our own version of 25 days of Christmas by watching a new CHristmas movie on Netflix every day. With the exception of Borrowed Hearts (which you can get at KMart) we love: Borrowed Hearts, Christmas Angel, A Christmas to Remember, A Song for the Season, and many others! But those are my top 4!!!! :)

  9. Hmm, a cheesy Christmas movie......the last one I watched was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation which is by no means heart warming, only hilarious. lol But you should try Lifetime movies; they always make my family tear up with holiday joy.