Thursday, December 6, 2012

sweet december.

Listening To: The General Specific by Band of Horses (...was I listening to this last time, too?)
Obsessed: with the dedication in Jodi Lynn Anderson's Tigerlily: "for the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts."

I kinda-sorta-completely love it  ... 

When my nail polish is so blue 
that it looks like I reached up to scratch the sky.

When I blink awake to see my dog wagging her tail
(because she missed me while I was asleep)
(or probably because she's excited to go outside)
(but I like to pretend she's just excited to see me).

When I hear the first chord of a song I've danced to.  

When the sun paints my hair red.
When rain stains my roof.
When fog settles deep into hillside hollows.
When I take my first sip of hot coffee on a cold morning.
And when a new book’s spine crackles open against my fingertips.

I kinda-sorta-completely love it ...

When the match snaps, 
and pops, 
and the fire dances down the candle wick. 
(And for two perfect seconds 
my room smells like a birthday party.)

And when I catch a perfect sentence,
but don’t have a piece of paper,
so I scribble on a napkin or a receipt
or the inside of my wrist. 
Or I can’t even find a pen, 
so I mumble it over and over; 
just a sweet and simple spell of words.

I kinda-sorta-completely love it ...

When I’m a little bit sore from working out.
When a soft kiss makes my heart hammer really, really hard.
When the plane rockets off the runway and pins me back against the seat.

When the first star winks down at me from the night-sky. 
I wink back.
I always flirt with stars.
I've heaped so many wishes upon those sparkly shoulders,
that I feel like its the least I can do.
(The stars keep all my secrets.)

I kinda-sorta-completely love it ...

When the midnight bird sings outside my window. 
Because his song sounds like this: 
dream again, dream again, 
  dream again, and then … 
     dream again, 
          dream again, 
               dream again …

I kinda-sorta-completely love it ...

When I cry because I'm happy.
When I laugh so hard my face hurts. 
When I fall asleep, smiling.
When I wake up, hopeful.
When I pray, boldly.
When I wander, bravely.

I hope you have one moment (or one million moments) that you fall kinda-sorta-completely in love with this weekend. :) Are you having some holiday fun? Christmas shopping? Baking some cookies? Watching Home Alone? I'll be celebrating my dad's birthday. I'm thinking about making a cake for him, which will be a disaster, but he'll probably still eat it and pretend it's awesome. He's sweet like that. 


  1. This post was beautiful and I kinda-sorta-completely loved it. :) You are so awesome and talented, Natalie.

    I've been making Christmas gifts while listening to my favorite holiday songs. Knitting things I've never knitted before and thinking, when I'm finished, I *made* that?? :) And I've been watching Christmas in Connecticut and swooning over Dennis Morgan because he was just adorable in that film.


  2. Awww, this post was darling. I kinda sorta love it when you post stuff like this! :) You're truly stunning, Natialie.


  3. Oh my gosh. What a completely brilliant post. Loved it, Natalie.

  4. Making birthday cakes for my dad always reminds me of "Butterfly Kisses." Last week my dad took me from my thesis research and said "Pick me up from the airport in my Explorer and bring a tape measure." We then spent the rest of the day (and night) eating really delicious food, picking out/decorating our Christmas tree and watching Duck Dynasty. (Did you know the Duck Dynasty guys are really into gospel-driven adoption? Awesome.)

    Anyway, I love this post.