Thursday, September 12, 2013

all things new. and swanky.

Listening to: Glorify by Ivan & Alosha
Cups of coffee consumed before noon today: 3

Happy Thursday, friendlings! Or as I like to say, HAPPY PROJECT RUNWAY DAY!! I look forward to Project Runway day with the same fervor that I looked forward to TGIF when I was in elementary school. Is that pathetic? Maybe a little bit?

Today is also bittersweet for me, since I'm finishing up a final column for a magazine that I've been part of for fifteen years. By bittersweet, I do mean mostly sweet. I'm getting a little sappy as I write it, though, which I knew would happen.

Anyway! Today is an open house kind of day. I hope you'll click on through, because I want you to see this cuteness.

The blog finally got a sweet little makeover!

This new design comes from Allyson Kate, the great and powerful. 

Allyson has been reading the blog for ... pffft, I don't even know how long. She's a vlogger and a graphic designer, and just generally way, way too talented for her own good. I'm so grateful she had time during her busy summer to squeeze in some freelance work for me. (We have a few more fun projects we're rolling out soon! :) I love working with her. (I love being her friend even more, but she's great to work with, too.)

Because sometimes I'm all eloquent like, "You see that wonky spacing on the side? Can you just ... make it pretty or something?" And somehow she figures out what I'm talking about. I think she's probably a wizard. You can take a look at her portfolio here. And you can see her YouTube channel here. This is one of my favorites:

"New memories, old places." Love that.

Allyson has agreed to let me interview her soon. *insert evil cackle* Truly, she has an interesting perspective on art and design (and why she doesn't think they're always exactly the same thing). It's good stuff.

The gorgeous lettering in the new header was done by Elizabeth Hardin, of Hardink Calligraphy. Elizabeth was also so lovely to work with. I first found her work work via her Etsy shop. And now I want everything in her Etsy shop. That's the danger of Etsy, isn't it?! 

So today is just a fun open house! Come in. Kick back. Take a look around. And if I've removed something that you liked, do holler. (Or if there's a page you'd like to see, do holler.) Most everything is still here. We've just rearranged the furniture a little bit. :) 

Happy weekending to you! 


  1. I love the new look! And I agree...Etsy is a dangerous place. :)

    P.S. It seems like the end of an era, you finishing up your last column. Brio was how I first found your writing, and I know that's true for quite a few of your readers!


  2. In what issue is your final column going to be published? I might not renew my subscription anymore. Your writing has been a part of my heart and walk with Jesus for 13 years, since August 2001 when I received my first issue of Brio. Thank you for continuing to write about your journey with Jesus through all of these years.

    1. This comment means so much to me. What a sweet, sweet thing to be any part of the journey you've been on. I'm absolutely floored, and would hug you so hard if you were here. I'll still be writing occasional articles, but my last column will be the March/April issue next year. But never fear! Emily Cummins is going to write the column after that, and she's wonderful. She's so genuine and sweet and she's a great writer. You'll love it! :) Thank you again for this sweet note. Meant the world to me.