Sunday, September 22, 2013

falling forward.

Listening To: Flowers in Your Hair by The Lumineers
Quoted: "It's very sad to me that some people are so intent on leaving their mark on the world that they don't care if that mark is a scar." - John Green

Happy fall to you!! My dad claims fall officially began at 4:44. I don't know if that's legit, or if he made it up, but I hope it's true. That sounds so whimsical, doesn't it?

Like, close your eyes and make a wish and by the time you're finished ... fall is here! :)

Fall is my most favorite season. I don't like pumpkin spice lattes, or anything pumpkin-flavored, but I'm down with everything else folks love to rhapsodize about. Boots and tights and dresses and jackets. Halloween and bright leaves and the corn maze. (Which is usually shaped like someone's head ... which is weirdly funny and also mildly disturbing.)

I'm so excited for a new season.

I don't have much to blog about besides that.

Scratch that. I'll also mention these things:

1. Today I'm wearing a dress with a print that can only be described as crazy-horse-polka-dot. In case you see me and wonder if I picked it out in the dark, the answer is no. It is intentional, and it is awesome. S'my favorite dress. Giddy up, etc.

I don't even know how many times I've worn that since I bought it. It's become my unofficial uniform.

2. Have you seen the Harry Potter-Myers Briggs chart? It's so fun. Jump over and figure out your personality twin, and then come back here and let me know. According to the chart, I'm Luna Lovegood. Honestly, this comparison has been made more than a few times, and I'm fine with that. I love Luna. I'm not quite as free-spirited as Luna (or as comfortable in my own skin) but I'm definitely in my head a lot. (NARGLES!) I've noticed lots of writers are INFP's. Anne Shirley, another of my favorite literary heroes, is also an INFP, too. I'm in good company. (This is a good time to mention that I get a little eye-rolly when people cling so hard to Myers-Briggs and various other classifications. I think you should just be who you are and not worry so much about defining it, or defining other people. But that's borderline thought-provoking in a post that's about crazy horse dresses and Harry Potter.)

I've taken the Myers-Briggs a few of times, always for school-related things. Weirdly, I barely score an "I" (the first letter - E or I, signals extroversion vs. introversion). I think I'm a bona fide introvert. But strangely, I'm on the line. I even tested "E" once. I must have been feeling very frisky that day. An ENFP would make me a Ron Weasley. Good company there, too.

3. Speaking of the Weasleys! I was reading an interview with Carrie Hope Fletcher, who is playing (or was playing?) Eponine on the West End. After reading about her, I listened to some of her music and my word, what a voice! This song is just adorable. "I'd date Draco Malfoy, if I thought he could commit." Ha! :)

I think Gilbert Blythe needs to be added to the mix, don't you? Any other book-boys she missed?

I'm off to bake a miniature apple pie and read for a bit. And make a wish. Or two. Or ten. Welcome, welcome lovely Autumn! 


  1. I'm so glad autumn is here, too. And I don't like pumpkin-flavored stuff, either. I do love pumpkin scented candles, though. :) Your horse print dress is so cute!

    Apparently I'm Neville Longbottom. Not entirely surprising, to be honest. I've always felt like me and Neville would have been kindred spirits. And hey, movie-Neville turned out to be quite a nice looking guy. :)

    1. I've tried to reply to this one three times. I am not ignoring you; my blog is being a tool. Apologies! First, Neville is a hero, so OF COURSE he is your twin! ;) He really is one of my favorite characters ever. I feel like the good stuff about Neville only got better as he got older. And the fact that he was teased and picked on - he also channeled all that in a good way. Movie-Neville is so handsome, which is super fun. I love wallflower transformations. And it actually did match what went on personally with him. I like to think quirky/nerdy kids grow into the coolest adults (that's what I hope, anyway ... ;) not because they lose the nerd-factor, but because they learn to embrace it. So YaY for Neville!

      And I'm glad we're synched on the pumpkin stuff. Weirdly, I like the smell too Pumpkin candles are fine. I just don't like the flavor. (Of pumpkin. I'm assuming I don't like any flavor of candle ... ;)

  2. We are truly soul sisters! I once tested ENFP--and it was a frisky day. Otherwise, I have always been an INFP. Luna Lovegoods of the world unite!

    Not a fan of the pumpkin stuff, either. But I am ready for a leaf or two to make the plummet.



    1. How fun that we're twinkies! :) I've always said I'm kind of an extroverted introvert, so I think it makes sense that I ride the fence a bit.

      Changing leaves are my favorite, favorite things. I wish I could live in a world where it was October all year long ... sigh. To dream.

  3. I am Draco Malfoy (INTJ). But I looked up other famous people with that type... Jane Austin, C.S. Lewis, and Sherlock Holmes.

    I am also very excited for fall. I want to make a leaf fort! :)

    1. That's funny that you got Draco! :) I would have told you to research too b/c lots of fabulous INTJ-types. You're in good company! :) Please take a picture of your leaf fort and share it. Because I want to see it like whoa.

  4. I am also Draco Malfoy. Honestly, this thrills me. He's not a bad man really. He's a complex character and that's what I want to be. Props on being Luna though, who doesn't want to be Luna? :) And yes Carrie is amazingly talented, I've always thought that song was adorable but yes it needs Gil.

    1. Love your comment! :) One of the things I love about HP is that really, there is rarely a character who is "good" or "bad". Who is it that says we all have dark and light inside us? Dumbledore? I think that's evidenced over and over again through the characters. I mean, Voldy, obviously, is bad. But we even saw the moments he could have veered a different direction. So I totally agree - Draco is so compelling. And to think that he didn't go through with what he was supposed to, and that he did grow up into a good man in the very end (that's the vibe I got, at least) makes him one of the stronger characters to me. Throughout the series, he's a natural, and very enigmatic leader. I think eventually he realized how to use that for good. I think when people start expecting a certain behavior from you, it's hard to break away and think for yourself, make your own decisions, etc. But he totally does. His transformation is one of the more interesting to me as well.

  5. carrie fletcher! i am absolutely in love with her eponine (and with rob houchen's marius - eddie redmayne's will always be my favorite, but rob's is such a cutie!). i can't stop listening to her on my own. i get literal chills:

    and i'm an infp too! i've never gotten any other result on a myers-briggs test, which is interesting because most people seem to jump back and forth between a couple of the letters.

    fall is making me so happy. i'm not a big pumpkin person, but i work at starbucks, and seeing people get all excited about the return of pumpkin spice is too cute. and i'm loving that it's finally gotten cool enough here in california for leggings and boots and oversized sweaters.