Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello, Houston!

My bags are packed and the flap on my cowboy boots is super-glued* together because tomorrow I am off to Houston, Texas for the Tweens Read Festival! I'm so excited to be invited to participate this year!

If you're near Houston this weekend, here are the details on the event website (you do have to register for this event):

I'm part of a fun panel there called Life Happens, along with Varsha Bajaj (Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood), Karen Harrington (Courage for Beginners), Varian Johnson (The Great Greene Heist), Jennifer Ziegler (Revenge of the Flower Girls) and Jennifer Holm (The Fourteenth Goldfish). We're going to have such fun! :)

There are five different panels at this event, and the panels repeat all day long. Participants will have a chance to see up to three of them (I think). From what I hear, this whole event is a really sweet time. And it's put on by the awesome people at Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston. Book festivals in general make my heart flutter. The fact that Book Willow booksellers work so hard to make an event just for tweens is the best.

If you're going to be there, I hope you'll say hello! And show me a picture of your dog! (Because I always have a picture of Biscuit with me and I love to talk about pets.)

More events are coming this fall in Missouri, Nashville (!!), Austin, Texas and Connecticut. Come hang out. Or just hang out vicariously. I update pretty often on Facebook, if you're thereabouts.

Hope your fall is fluttery-fantastic. Are you off on any adventures soon? Reading anything lovely? I would love to hear about it.

*At first, my dad had me convinced I could fix the flap on my boots with Gorilla glue. But Gorilla glue ... it is intense. So we opted for superglue instead. (These boots weren't expensive, and they aren't real leather, so I try not to sink too much into them for repairs, ...)


  1. oh, dang! for a minute i got my hopes up and thought it was Houston, Alaska. I live VERY near there if you ever want to come. theres and ice-cream shop that i believe is very close to dr.zook's in houston. just sayin' lol I literally almost squealed when i thought it was AK hehe! if I'm ever in the lower 48 don't be surprised if i suddenly show up to say hi ;)

  2. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to hear about it. :) How wonderful that you have so many great events coming up. :) I am going to look into the one in CT! Best of luck.

  3. Love hearing about your book and how your dream became this fabulous reality! I'm so excited you're coming to Austin!

  4. Hope you had fun! I'm a wee bit far from Houston soooo I couldn't come. U r an amaaaazing author!

  5. I found this blog through Sisterhood Magazine. I miss your articles SO MUCH! They were my favorite part to read! I recommend the book "Every Secret Thing" by Ann Tatlock to you. I've read it more than once, it's my all-time fav!!:-) God Bless You!