Friday, October 3, 2014

Be the Beedle.

In a previous post (click here to see!), I mentioned that one of the sweetest parts of writing A Snicker of Magic has been seeing how young readers take it to heart. And one of their favorite ways to do that is by "being the Beedle."

It all started when the book was still a galley, and I got an email from someone (a young bookseller, in fact) asking if she could "be the Beedle" in her hometown for the weekend. Of course, I said, ABSOLUTELY YES!!

Here is one of the pics she sent me from her Beedle-weekend:

Shortly thereafter, I visited a library in Ohio, and got to meet a class of amazing readers. As they came through the line to get their book signed, one reader leaned over and whispered, "I'm the Beedle." I found out later that there were quite possibly a few "Beedles" in this classroom, leaving kind notes around the room, mysteriously donating new books to the class library. I smile every time I think about it.

Not long after that, I got an email from a reader with the subject line: "I am the Beedle." I found out this particular Beedle, with the help of a Beedle associate (aka a mom ;), put a quarter on every student's desk so they would have enough money to buy an otter pop the next day.

Next came Mr. Armamentos' students from Illinois. We all Skyped together last year, and shortly after that Mr. Armamentos emailed to tell me the students had decided to hold a yard sale to raise money for a school in a developing country.

I hope it's totally obvious that I take absolutely NO credit for this awesomeness - none, none, none. I've met lots of readers this year, and I've learned that they're compassionate and kind and excited about finding ways to make the world a little bit better. They would do good things even without reading about a character like The Beedle. But I'm so excited that something they read encouraged them to keep doing good. I'm so inspired by those kids. And so is Scholastic. And so, those swanky Scholastics came up with this idea ... which I adore:

If you see someone doing something nice in your school or neighborhood, email and you'll get a free signed book. 

And if you decide to Be the Beedle yourself, email that same address and you'll also get a free signed book. For complete details, check out the Scholastic blog:

I would be super grateful if you'd let your friends, family, teachers, and librarians know about it, too. Because, chances are, they already know kids who are doing kind things for one another. And even though, in Midnight Gulch, the Beedle works in secret ... I think it's exciting to celebrate young readers who do some good in the world. And it's exciting to be on the lookout for people doing good.

Also, *whispers* ... we have another fun surprise as part of Be the Beedle coming soon. So watch for that. :) [Clue: PUMPERNICKLE]

Thank you for being so awesome. The world can be sad and crummy and about ten thousand kinds of heart crushing. But thanks for always reminding me that the good is way, way better. Thanks for being kind.


  1. This is such and awesome idea! I've read your book Natalie and I /loved/ it. You are an amazing writer. :)

  2. This is an absolutely wonderful and heartwarming anecdote about the power of books and stories.

  3. amaaaaaazing! yes, yes YES!