Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas treats from Midnight Gulch!

Hello there! Biscuit is patiently waiting for me to finish a round of revisions so we can geek out over holiday fun. And while I'm not quite finished yet, I thought I would 1.) pop on here to say hello and 2.) offer up some holiday swag.

If you're giving A Snicker of Magic as a gift this holiday season, we'd be happy to send you some fun stuff to give along with the book! Our pack of fun includes the following:

- A Personalized Bookplate (for you to stick inside the cover)
- A magnet sheet of Felicity's favorite words (Scholastic made these and they are ADORABLE!)
- A bookmark
- An activity booklet (not pictured here, but rest assured it's snazzy)

There's no cost for us to send it your way. We're just tickled to be able to do it. I wish I could send some Blackberry Sunrise as well, but I don't know Oliver's special formula to keep it frozen. So we'll have to stick with paper-swag. :)

If you want a swag-pack, email nat.lloyd (at) by December 14th* and let me know:
- The name you want on the bookplate
- Your mailing address

Here are some answers to questions so far:

* YES, I still have everything "in stock" :) I don't have quite as many magnet sheets as I do other goodies, so email quickly if you're hoping for one of those.
* YES, we can send more than one set. So if you're giving the book to your niece, your high school gym teacher who loved ice cream, and yourself - I can send you three sets of stuff. Etc.
* YES, I can totally send it even if it's not a present. For example, if your awesome offspring read the book this year and you know he or she would love some swag - I'm still super happy to send it along!
* YES, I'm happy to send extra bookmarks to teachers! I don't have enough magnet sheets for every student. But I still have lots of bookmarks (and, for now, I can still send you a magnet sheet for your classroom.

And don't forget, #BeTheBeedle is still happening! (Click here!)

Happy Holidays from the gang in Midnight Gulch! Thank you so much for giving the Pickles a home in your heart this year. I can imagine many various wonderful and crazy scenarios, but I never could have imagined how rad this year would be. Thank you for taking the book to heart and sharing it with people you love. It's a joy and honor to share the story with you.

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