Thursday, April 2, 2015


A SNICKER OF MAGIC is one of the nominees in the debut author category in the Children's Choice Book Awards. I was surprised and excited and HOORAY!!

I'm grateful to the committee who thought the story deserved a spot alongside all those amazing stories. As the name suggests, young readers get to vote. (I think young-at-heart readers can vote, too.) If you, or your students, want to get involved follow this link:

And please note: I'll still think you're the raddest no matter who you vote for. (Cece Bell has my vote.)

Once you get there, click on the funky doors and you can easily check your favorite book in each category. You don't have to enter any personal information, and there's an easy to way for teachers and librarians to enter group ballots as well. So it's all fun and sure to stir up fun conversation about stories. Voting is open for a couple more weeks, I think. Thank you, CBC wizards for including Snicker!


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  1. Hi I am a 6th grader from Community Middle School in Plainsboro,NJ and I really loved your book "A Snicker of Magic" I am using it for my independent reading assignment and I am looking forward to this new series written by you.